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Trump to hold rally during White House correspondents’ dinner

US President Donald Trump will lead a political rally during this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, his campaign team has

Trump says porn star Stormy Daniels is conning the media

US President Donald Trump accused porn star Stormy Daniels on Wednesday of pulling a “total con job” by releasing an artist’s

Trump demands prosecution of ex-FBI chief Comey

US President Donald Trump called for the prosecution of former FBI chief James Comey on Friday, unleashing a vitriolic response to

As Trump threatens to fire Mueller, legal questions abound

As US President Donald Trump steps up his attacks on the Russia probe, denouncing it as “corrupt,” legal experts are divided

Chemical watchdog says to deploy to Syria as threats escalate

The global chemical watchdog said Tuesday it will deploy a team to the site of an alleged toxic attack in Syria,

Why Trump is holding off on withdrawing troops from Syria


Despite his eagerness to remove American troops from Syria, US President Donald Trump has given up on doing so immediately

Trump intensifies assault on the press

US President Donald Trump escalated his attacks on the press Tuesday, with individual journalists and media owners entering the firing line.

‘Islamic terrorism’ must stop, Trump says after Spain attacks

US President Donald Trump on Friday said the world must use “whatever means necessary” to stop “radical Islamic terrorism,” after twin

Trump wants to re-engage with Moscow, Tillerson says

US President Donald Trump has told his top diplomat to ignore trouble in Washington and re-engage with Russia to rebuild ties,

Miss USA runner up Chhavi Verg speaks Hindi and Spanish

LOS ANGELES, CA, (AFP), May 15, 2017. The Miss USA pageant on Sunday touted American diversity, and chose an African-American chemist with the