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Common law marriage is the same as a church wedding

Q. What are my rights if I have a common law marriage? If we get divorced, will I have the right to any

Texas allows recording with one person’s consent

Q. I am in a dispute with my landlord. Is it legal to record my phone calls with him? Do I have to

What is the effect of a “no refund” sale?

Q. I signed up and paid $1,100 for online fitness coaching. The website said I would receive exercises, meal plans, and 24-7 access

Beneficiary may also be the executor of a will

Q. Can I name my husband as executor of my will if he also is going to be the beneficiary? A. Almost anyone

Merchants may ask for photo ID with a credit card

Q. I heard there is a new law that allows merchants to require a photo ID when you pay with a credit or

If you file for bankruptcy, you probably will not lose your house


Q. I am w

ay over my head in debt and I have been told bankruptcy is the best way to get

You can’t lose your car for not paying your credit card bill

Q. A debt collector for a credit card company has threatened to sue me. He told me if I didn’t pay he would

Getting your name off a car note is difficult

Q. Last year my ex-boyfriend purchased a car and I co-signed. After we broke up, he moved out of state and took the

Store may limit the right to return a purchase

Q. I just bought a present to give someone for Christmas. The store told me that if the person I gave it to

Non-refundable deposit may be enforceable

Q. If I cancel a retail purchase, in this case furniture, within the 72-hour cancellation period, does the store have the right to