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Whether you have insurance does not affect liability

Q. Recently, I had an accident. Someone failed to stop at a stop sign and ran into me. It turns out the owner

How do I get a free copy of my credit report?

Q. I thought I could get a free copy of my credit report. I went to several websites, and most required a credit

Landlord must change locks

Q. I just moved into a new apartment. When I asked the landlord if the door had a new lock he told me

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act protects you against unscrupulous sellers

Q. In January, a business agreed to install a new “Ford remanufactured engine” in my truck. On the receipt, it came with a

Debts cannot be re-aged

Q. I defaulted on a credit card almost ten years ago. I now have a collection agency threatening to report the old debt

Lottery winnings may be community property

Q. I buy lottery tickets every week. If I win the lottery does my spouse have any interest in the money I win?

Social security is protected from creditor

Q. I owe a lot of money. I own very little, and have no savings. I live on my social security payment. A

You can’t just keep someone’s property if they owe you money

Q. I recently asked my daughter to move out of my home. She owes me over $3,000 for money I loaned her while

There is no “three day rule” when buying a car

Q. How many days do I have to change my mind after I buy a car? I signed a contract late at night

Security deposit must be returned

Q. I just moved out of my apartment. I gave proper notice and left it cleaner than when I moved in. I have