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Hurricane Harvey People’s Law School videos are online

Recently, the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center presented a special session of the People’s Law School devoted

Payment is “due” on due date

Q. I may my bills by mail. My due date is the first of the month and I have a ten-day period before

You can’t lose your car for not paying your credit card bill

Q. A debt collector for a credit card company has threatened to sue me. He told me if I didn’t pay he would

Be careful when selling flood-damaged property

Q. Am I liable if I sell a flood house “as is”? I want to make sure nothing comes back on me? Does

Learn your legal rights at the “Harvey People’s Law School”

Learn your legal rights at the “Harvey People’s Law School”

Are you in a discussion with your insurance company or FEMA about your

A Debt Collector Cannot Harass You

Q. A debt collector is harassing my mother for her brother’s credit card debt. The last call scared her because they threatened to

Here’s why it is important to have renter’s insurance

Q. I live in an apartment. I pay my rent on time and I am a good tenant. Recently, a small fire from

Be careful of deals that sound too good to be true

Q. Is it legal for me to act as an “agent” for a company from outside the US? The company will have their

There is no debtor’s prison in Texas

Q. Can I be arrested for not paying my credit card bill? A debt collector is telling me he is going to report

You cannot “directly” sue an insurance company

Q. My husband has a small construction company. He recently did some remodeling work. While working, he fell and injured his foot. The