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Newark airport reopens after engine fire prompts plane evacuation

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has reopened after temporarily shutting down late Tuesday, following an engine fire that prompted

Travel + Leisure: The best hotel in every state

by Melanie Lieberman In central Vermont, there’s a 1795 farmhouse and 20 rustic cottages perched on 300 acres of wildflower meadows and pine

US fashion world asks: Where are all the minority designers?

by Laura Bonilla NEW YORK CITY | AFP | Thursday 2/8/2017 – As New York Fashion Week opens, a glaring near-absence stands out:

Facebook… key to longer life?

NEW YORK CITY (ANI) – Now this is interesting! Did you know, your Facebook friend circle is connected to your life

Trans teen in Chicago: from surviving to thriving

by Nova Safo Derek Henkle Sixteen-year-old Arthur Brown is finishing his second year in high school in a suburb of Chicago. While his