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Florida police shoot gunman at Trump-owned golf resort

Florida police shot and wounded a gunman who had opened fire in the lobby of a Trump Organization-owned golf resort near

Measles? Bring it on, says US ‘vaccine choice’ movement

by Kerry Sheridan MIAMI | AFP | Friday 1/26/2018 – Joe Accurso, a 47-year-old chiropractor, refused to vaccinate his daughter against

‘Mutant flu’ could lead to more effective vaccine: study

MIAMI | AFP | 1/18/2018 – Experiments in lab animals have shown signs of success for a newly engineered flu virus that may

Women who work nights face higher cancer risk: study

MIAMI, | AFP 1/8/2018 – Women who regularly work the night shift in Europe and North America may face a 19 percent higher

Death rates soar among people hospitalized for opioids

MIAMI | AFP | Monday 12/4/2017 – People who are hospitalized for opioids — including prescription painkillers and heroin — are four times

Diabetes may lead to a greater risk for Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss

by Cindy Goodman MIAMI, November 26, 2017 – For people with Type 2 diabetes, there is an additional incentive for keeping

In US, 4 in 10 cancers due to ‘modifiable risk’ study finds

MIAMI | AFP | Tuesday 11/21/2017 – About four in 10 cancers in the United States are due to lifestyle choices

Risk of heart attack spikes after flu, pneumonia: study

MIAMI | AFP – Coming down with the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia can dramatically raise the risk of a heart attack — up

More exercise for kids could save US billions on health: study

Miami, | AFP | 5/1/2017 – Increasing the number of young children who exercise for just under a half hour a few times

New gene test may tell onset date of Alzheimer’s

MIAMI | AFP | Tuesday 3/21/2017 – International researchers said Tuesday they have found a way to assess a person’s genetic