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UK blames protests as Trump cancels London trip

The British government blamed the threat of mass protests for President Donald Trump’s decision Friday to cancel a visit to London

Sensory links between autism and synesthesia pinpointed

LONDON | AFP | Tuesday 3/14/2017 Concrete links between the symptoms of autism and synaesthesia have been discovered and clarified for the first

Hidden ingredients in herbal supplements could cause serious risks

LONDON – Many herbal supplements contain hidden pharmaceutical ingredients that could be causing serious health risks, according to a team of experts from

Smoking costs $1.4 trillion in health care and lost labor, study finds

LONDON | AFP – Smoking cost the world economy more than US$1.4 trillion (1.3 trillion euros) in 2012, and sucked up

More than 18 million on HIV treatment, a million more than 2015: UNAIDS

LONDON – More than 18 million people now have access to life-saving AIDS treatment, 1.2 million more than at the end of last

Facebook launches intra-office ‘Workplace’ network

LONDON | AFP | 10/10/2016 – Social network giant Facebook on Monday launched new global product Workplace, a platform that it hopes will

Color is power for brightly-dressed Queenfor brightly-dressed Queen

LONDON – They may look garish for some but Queen Elizabeth II’s brightly-coloured outfits are a power dressing tool that allow her to

Music legend David Bowie dies aged 69

London (AFP) – British music legend David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after a secret battle with

UK anti-EU leader links Paris attacks to refugee crisis

London (AFP) – Britain’s Nigel Farage, head of the anti-EU UK Independence Party, on Wednesday linked Europe’s refugee crisis to