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“ Dig The Well Before You Get Thirsty”

by P.G. Parameswaran, MD

A Chinese proverb says “dig the well before you get thirsty.” We are not following this adage when it

Gov. Abbott appoints Draksharam to State Commission on Judicial Conduct

AUSTIN, October 4, 2017 – Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Sujeeth Draksharam and Darrick McGill to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for

First cancer gene therapy gets US go-ahead

by Kerry Sheridan MIAMI | AFP – US regulators on Wednesday approved the first gene therapy against cancer — a treatment

Swift childhood cancer deaths more common than thought

Treatments for childhood cancers have improved to the point that 5-year survival rates are over 80 percent. 


Synthetic stem cells promise muscle regeneration without cancer risk

by Henry Bodkin Scientists are hailing a pioneering stem cell technique that promises “off-the-shelf” treatment for people with damaged muscles without the existing

Global cancer cases has risen by 33% in the last 10 years

WASHINGTON, PTI| Dec 05, 2016: There were an estimated 17.5 million cancer cases around the world and 8.7 million deaths in 2015, according