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Scientists develop smart tattoo that detects health changes

NEW YORK, Oct 2, 2017 – Soon your body ink could detect medical emergencies. Color-changing “smart tattoos” that can detect dehydration and blood

Drink to your health?

It depends on how much  drinking you do, study shows

by Melissa Healy This just in, and it’s definitive (for now):

Walking the dog, all the way to better health

TUESDAY, July 25, 2017 – Your dog may be more than your furry companion — new research suggests it

Parents’ nasty split harms kids’ health for decades: study

MIAMI | AFP | Monday 6/5/2017 – When children live through a contentious divorce or separation by their parents, the fallout

More exercise for kids could save US billions on health: study

Miami, | AFP | 5/1/2017 – Increasing the number of young children who exercise for just under a half hour a few times

The Dirty Dozen: supermarkets’ most contaminated produce

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Whether you’re an environmentalist, a parent or just a shopper, chances are you’ve walked down the produce aisle at the

5 things your teeth may be saying about your health

by Shelley Lyford The impact of poor oral health on general health and quality of life is enormous, especially for vulnerable older adults.

Post-Valentine’s Day tips for a healthy heart

by Karin McCay LUBBOCK, TX – February is all about the heart and what can make it stronger. So, if Valentine’s Day has

Is shrimp healthy?

by Meher Mirza

Shrimp has insinuated its way into kitchens around the world. There’s delicately-spiced potted shrimp and creamy retro favourite

Can miracle berry change way you perceive healthy foods?

by Avinash Ramsadeen There is a fruit found in Ghana, West Africa, which has very unique properties that can alter your perception of