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Anti-Rowlatt stir and Jalianwala Bagh carnage

A separate institution named Satyagraha Sabha was formed with headquarters in Bombay. There were agitations everywhere against the Rowlatt Committee’s report.

Gandhi backs resolution on war recruiting


Days passed. The mill owners were adamant. The strikers were getting impatient for they were faced with starvation. Their discipline became weak.

In Champaran, “face-to-face with God, ahimsa, truth”

The annual meeting of the Congress was held in December 1916 in Lucknow. The Congress was divided. There were the moderates and there

Gandhi invites untouchable family in ashram

“And then Gandhi came. He was like a powerful current of fresh air that made us stretch ourselves and take deep

First victory for the Satyagraha experiment

There had been a recent court decision in South Africa holding that Indian marriages were not recognized by law. The women could not

The beginning of Gandhi’s Spartan life-style

In 1906, an ordinance by the Transvaal government required all Indians — men women and children — to register themselves and obtain a

Gandhi sets up ambulance corps to help British

Gandhi was rescued from a bloodthirsty mob by the Durban police. He was escorted by the police

Gandhi returns home, meets Tilak, Gokhale

The Indians now realized what was at stake; but they were unable to decide what to do. They requested Gandhi to

Gandhi gains in stature as honest lawyer

It was late in the evening when the train pulled into Pretoria. Gandhi stayed at a hotel that night and moved into a

Gandhi suffers racial insults in South Africa

As the ship streamed into Bombay harbor, he saw his brother waiting to receive him. After exchanging pleasantries with the brother Gandhi noticed