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France alarmed after Trump ‘practically hugged’ Kim: minister

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian criticised Donald Trump’s “destabilising” foreign policy on Wednesday after the US leader fell out with

Should small children be banned from watching all screens?

by Fiachra GIBBONS CANNES, France | Regulators and programme makers are at odds over whether small children should be banned from watching television

France’s Hollande to meet pope over priest killing

French President Francois Hollande will meet Pope

Bananas may help detect, cure skin cancer: study

PARIS, France | AFP | The black spots on old banana peels may unlock a faster, easier diagnosis of human skin

Dr. Dronamraju delivers opening address in Shanghai

Dr. Krishna Dronamraju, President of the Foundation for Genetic Research in Houston, delivered the opening address at the Third Conference on Biomarkers and

Sausages, ham cause cancer, red meat ‘probably’ too: agency

by Mariette LE ROUX

PARIS, France | AFP | 10/26/2015 – Sausages, ham and other processed meats cause bowel cancer, and