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How does exercise keep your brain young?

by Kelly Servick Stay active; age gracefully. Behind this truism, there’s a pile of unanswered scientific questions. Researchers are still sorting out what

Exercise, not vitamins, urged to prevent falls in seniors

TAMPA | AFP | Tuesday 4/17/2018 – Falling is the leading cause of injury-related death among people over age 65, and seniors who

Spring tips to start an exercise routine

Spring is an ideal time to get active outdoors and kickstart a fitness regimen that can carry you into beach and

Bound to a 9-5 desk job? All your exercise is in vain

NEW YORK (ANI), September 19,2017 – No matter how much you exercise, you definitely need to take a ‘movement break’ every

More exercise for kids could save US billions on health: study

Miami, | AFP | 5/1/2017 – Increasing the number of young children who exercise for just under a half hour a few times

Exercise ‘keeps the mind sharp’ in over-50s

Moderate physical exercise such as cycling or jogging can help boost brain power, research suggests

Doing moderate exercise several times a week is

Weekend exercise may be as good as daily workouts: study

by Kerry SHERIDAN MIAMI, | AFP | 1/9/2017 – People who exercise mainly on the weekends may reap significant health and survival benefits,