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China protests to US over sail-by in disputed waters

China said Wednesday it has lodged a protest with the United States after an American warship sailed near disputed islands in

China eyes petrol car ban, boosting electric vehicles

China is gearing up to ban petrol and diesel cars, a move that would boost electric vehicles and shake up the

‘Lawsuits will be as convenient as online shopping!’ China launches first ‘cyber court’ to handle e-commerce disputes in virtual courtrooms

China has launched its first ‘cyber court’ today in a bid to keep up with the number of mobile

Chinese teen internet addict dies after rehab

BEIJING, China | AFP – A Chinese teen has died after spending less than 48 hours at a centre that treats internet addicts,

India’s army steps up troop level on China border: report

India has increased the number of troops along its northeastern border with China, reports said Friday, amid a tense standoff between

Nearly 60,000 evacuated after China quake kills 19

China on Wednesday evacuated nearly 60,000 people in its mountainous southwest after a strong earthquake killed at least 19, rattling a

Up to 100 feared dead, thousands injured in China quake: govt

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake rattled southwest China late Tuesday, killing at least five people, with up to 100 feared dead, according to

Dr. Dronamraju delivers opening address in Shanghai

Dr. Krishna Dronamraju, President of the Foundation for Genetic Research in Houston, delivered the opening address at the Third Conference on Biomarkers and