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China envoy holds North Korea nuclear talks as US mulls options

China’s top nuclear envoy arrived in Seoul Monday for talks on the North Korean threat, as the US sent a naval

China warns of deterioration in Syria with Xi in US

China on Friday warned against “further deterioration” of the situation in Syria, just hours after a US air strike on a

China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan

China on Monday reiterated its firm opposition to US arm sales to Taiwan, amid reports that Donald Trump’s administration is preparing

China counts over 100 billionaires among top Communist legislators

China counts more than 100 billionaires among its top legislators, with 209 of the richest holding wealth nearly equivalent to Belgium’s

Bloody Islamic State video puts China in cross-hairs

Islamic State militants from China’s Uighur ethnic minority have vowed to return home and “shed blood like rivers”, according to a

China offers huge anti-terror awards in Xinjiang

China has created a 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) fund for “anti-terrorism” awards in a violence-wracked part of the country, state

Chinese weapons reaching ‘near-parity’ with West: study

China is beginning to export its own weapon designs, including armed drones, worldwide and is reaching “near-parity” with the West in

US faces stiff China pushback in S. China Sea: experts

If Donald Trump’s hawkish new administration follows through on threats and tries to cut Beijing off from artificial islands in the

Dr. Dronamraju delivers opening address in Shanghai

Dr. Krishna Dronamraju, President of the Foundation for Genetic Research in Houston, delivered the opening address at the Third Conference on Biomarkers and