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Study suggests weaning babies sooner onto solids can aid sleep

WASHINGTON | AFP | 7/9/2018 – Babies who are given solid foods as well as breast milk from the age of three months

Babies think logically before they can talk

A new study shows language is not a prerequisite for some basic reasoning

By Bret Stetka Symbolic communication in the form

Most moms aren’t putting babies to sleep safely, study says

by Daniella Emanuel

Despite a 23-year campaign urging that babies be put to bed on their backs, only 43.7% of US mothers report

2,000 Philippine mums show breast is best for babies

MANILA, Philippines | AFP – Some 2,000 mothers in the Philippines breastfed their babies in public on Saturday in a gathering aimed at

Music helps babies learn speech: study


MIAMI – Babies who engage in musical play may have an easier time picking up language skills, suggested a study