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How does exercise keep your brain young?

by Kelly Servick Stay active; age gracefully. Behind this truism, there’s a pile of unanswered scientific questions. Researchers are still sorting out what

Infectious theory of Alzheimer’s disease draws fresh interest

by Bret Stetka Dr. Leslie Norins is willing to hand over $1 million of his own money to anyone who can clarify

Neuroscientist predicts ‘much better treatment’ for Alzheimer’s is 10 years away

by Terri Gross NEW YORK , NY – British neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli first set out to study Alzheimer’s because of his grandfather, who

Bill Gates giving $50 million for Alzheimer’s research

WASHINGTON | AFP | Monday 11/13/2017 – Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced Monday that he is investing $50 million to fund research into

Alzheimer’s nutrient drink falters in clinical trial

LONDON – There is no good evidence that a nutrient drink being sold online in the UK to “help” people with

Sleep deprivation could shave years off your life

by Emily Price Too little sleep is making us sick. In an interview with The Guardian, Matthew Walker, Director of the Center for

Many Indian Americans participate in “Pedal Away Alzheimer’s” benefit ride

Indo-Americans have become familiar faces in major biking and running events across Greater Houston. The Annual MS 150 that is held in April

Scientists launch virtual reality game to detect Alzheimer’s

LONDON | AFP | Monday 8/28/2017 – Sea Quest Hero is more than just the usual computer game in which players find their

Multitasking much? Women’s brains more active than that of men

NEW YORK | UPI | Tuesday 8/8/2017 – The brains of women are significantly more active in many more

Sleep disturbances linked to Alzheimer’s risk

by Matt Smith Here’s another reason to get a good night’s sleep: Interrupting a deep phase of sleep appears to cause more of