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USPS Status Update


Hurricane Harvey is no longer a weather factor, and most Texas USPS postal operations are restored.

Hurricane Irma has left damage in the Caribbean and is heading for Florida by the weekend; some postal operations are already impacted as noted below. The models mostly show Irma over western North Carolina by next Tuesday, meaning it will have passed over or through most of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Though the USPS will issue specific alerts as necessary, disruptions to postal operations in those areas should be anticipated, and planned clients’ mailings may need to be adjusted or postponed.

Hurricane Katia is moving southwesterly from the Gulf of Mexico into Mexico and should not be a factor in USPS operations.

Priority Mail Express service was restored to the 759, 770, 772-778 3-Digit ZIP Code areas September 6. Shipment of live animals to the 759 3-Digit ZIP Code area was restored September 6, but remains suspended until further notice for the 770, 772-778 ZIP Code areas.

Most other Houston District operations have been restored except for Beaumont (Downtown Station) 77701, Deweyville 77614, Glen Flora 77443, Houston (Bear Creek Station) 77084, Katy (Finance Station) 77493, Mauriceville 77626, Nome 77629, Orange 77630, Sabine Pass 77655, Stowell 77661, and West Columbia 77486.

Most Rio Grande District operations have been restored except for Austwell 77950, Arnasas Pass 78335 & 78336, Bayside 78340, Corpus Christi (Downtown Station) 78401, Fulton 78358, Port Arnasas 78373, Port Lavaca 77979, Rockport 78381, Skidmore 78389, Telferner 77988, and Woodsboro 78393. BMEU operations remain redirected: 779 offices to Victoria (Mail Office) 77901, and 783 offices to Corpus Christi (Mail Office)78469.

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