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Children Find Healing Through Art



During and after Hurricane Harvey, we saw great acts of heroism in the Houston area. The Houston community came together to help each other, to help neighbors and complete strangers. However, a natural disaster and can also have a significant impact on the behavioral and mental well-being of a community. Research shows that most people will recover, but others may suffer from the trauma of such a disaster and experience depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. In addition to Harvey, the children involved with Harris County Protective Services (HCPS) have experienced multiple traumatic events in their lives, such as bullying, teen suicide, homelessness, and abuse and neglect, to name a few. Art therapy has been found to have the potential to help adults and children heal from very traumatic circumstances. It’s even more effective in children because their mind and body continue developing throughout their adolescence. Since words aren’t necessary in art therapy, children can express through art what they aren’t able to express verbally. Art, paintings, and poetry created by children involved with HCPS will be on the display at our first-ever art gallery exhibit “Healing ThroughThe Arts”. Youth who created some of the art will be at the exhibit as well as their social workers who are helping the children through the healing process.



Art by Avianna

Art by Avianna

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