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Mayor Turner renews call for local companies to hire Houston youth

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HOUSTON – With the March 27 deadline to sign up just around the corner, Mayor Sylvester Turner called on Houston corporations to join his Hire Houston Youth (HHY) summer jobs program. The mayor has set a goal of providing 5,000 jobs for Houston youth this summer. As of today, there are pledges from companies for just 3,000 positions.
“There is an urgent need for more companies to step up and offer summer employment opportunities for our youth,” said Mayor Turner. “An able and ready workforce is essential to ensuring a strong economic future for Houston. With the demand for skilled workers currently outpacing our workforce supply, it is more important than ever that local youth are connected to employment and training opportunities. Don’t let our kids down. Join us in helping to change lives!”
Utilizing public/private partnerships, HHY provides young people ages 16 to 24 with a seven week summer internship or job, earning at least $8 an hour. The young people will attend workforce readiness training prior to their start date.
This is the second year for the HHY program. Fifty seven companies participated and 1,135 jobs were provided in 2016. More than 50 percent of the job candidates had no prior work experience and 50 percent had annual household income of less than $22,000.
HHY has been designated as a White House Summer Opportunity Hub and is part of a National League of Cities study on the best practices for educational and workforce development efforts.
To sign up as an employer, visit www.hirehoustonyouth.org to make your pledge today.

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