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Goswami Academy celebrates third anniversary

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Celebrating its third anniversary, Goswami Academy, hosted an Open House on Saturday, March 11. Neighbors, interested parents, friends and devotees joined in the festivities in the morning and afternoon hours. In addition, the visitors to the Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine buffet restaurant we invited to take a tour of the school facilities, if they were interested in the only full-time Vedic school in the region. And hundreds did take advantage of the opportunity to meet the principal and teachers, parents and children, at this most innovative educational facility, serving Pre-K through Grade 5.

Goswami Academy is a primary school designed to serve children in grades Pre-K3 through Grade 5 (ages 3-9). The goal is to provide a strong foundation to nurture creative academics and spiritual values in our children.
Organized by ISKCON OF HOUSTON in association with Goswami Education, a Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Goswami Academy is a non-profit enitity whose primary objective is to advance, disseminate, spread and propagate spiritual-based educational programs to children in the Greater Houston community. It has been offering education to children starting from the early childhood years to elementary school and eventually up to high school, setting a model for future such schools in other cities across North America.

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YOUNG_Goswami School 1YOUNG_Goswami School 2All educational programs are unique as they are values-based and include spiritual message from the teachings of the ancient Vedic tradition of Sanatana Dharma. They are interwoven in the curriculum used at Goswami Academy. These values-based educational programs include that the teachers, policy, school atmosphere and the entire ethos of the organization is centered on that.
Goswami Academy offers an inquiry based curriculum with a core mission of inspiring excellence in creative academics through a culture of spiritual values by nurturing relationships. Children are placed at the center of this model where they interact with five themes or contexts: living beings, nature, God, action and time.
Principal Shabashini Lind stressed that the rich topics are mapped to the Texas State learning outcomes. Currently there are six staff and a new dedicated building is under construction for an opening at the end of this year.
Visit goswamiacademy.com or call 713-714-2250 for more information.

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