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Failure: Milestones in the Road to Success

YLDP batch of 2017 with Speaker Dr. Latha Ramchand at India House.

YLDP batch of 2017 with Speaker Dr. Latha Ramchand at India House.

by Deepsikha Das
This month at India House, the Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), the Houston based non-profit, invited Dr. Latha Ramchand to present an unusual but interesting topic on life experiences. We eagerly waited to hear what her presentation would be, but we were first approached with a rather daunting question: what were some of our failures? There was deafening silence in the room. No one wanted to admit that they had faced defeat before, especially in front of a totally unknown group of other students. However, as she started to discuss her own failures, our uneasiness died down. It took us a while to realize that Dr. Latha Ramchand, the Dean and Professor of Finance at the C.T Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and one whose work has been recognized through various awards, had also experienced failures and she was not at all hesitant to reveal this very publicly.
Dr. Ramchand eloquently narrated her story, stressing the need to learn from our experiences, particularly when we failed. Each failure can be traced to a distinct set of factors, many of which we could reflect on and try to avoid next time, helping us develop as resilient leaders. Something that really made an impression on me was when she discussed the stigma surrounding rejection which makes us reluctant to share our failures. It is this kind of behavior that pre-empts opportunities for guidance and learning from our own mistakes.
Dr. Ramchand delivered a passionate argument that we should never give up because of our fear of failure. Her reason based persuasion made us break the barriers and open up to others as we all relayed our past experiences and failures. This made us get closer to each other within the team. We were all able to take away a valuable piece of wisdom about turning failures into opportunities as we strive to improve and eventually succeed.

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