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Beware – when bullying becomes a crime!

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Did you know?

  • Every 7 seconds a child is bullied.
  • Nearly 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying
  • 11% of students in Houston did not go to school at least one day because they felt unsafe



Bullying has become a part of our children’s reality at school with 1 in 3 students in grades K-12 being either a bully or a victim of bullying. This unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and is repeated over time, not only makes our schools an unsafe place for kids to be, but it most likely impacts their future life as well since those who are bullied tend to experience negative school, physical and mental health issues and those who bully others often also engage in violent and other risky behaviors into adulthood.

Throughout this month, we will be sharing bullying/cyberbullying prevention information to encourage our community to work together to help stop it – join us in this important conversation!


Share these tips with a family member or friend – http://crimestoppers.astoundz.com/get-informed/resource-center/bullying/


Did you know that the legal age you can be charged with crimes in Texas is 10? 

Offenses can occur at school, away from school and through electronic means such as social media. Bullying behavior can have lasting social, academic and criminal consequences.

The following conduct can be a crime and/or warrant disciplinary action at school.

  • Physically hitting or assaulting someone
  • Harassment including:
    • Excessive texts/messages/calls
    • Obscene texts/messages/calls
    • Racial or gender slurs
    • Threats of harm to you, your family or property
  • Making violent threats (even if you’re joking)
    • To your school such as shootings and bomb threats
    • That cause emergency services to respond
    • That prevents or interrupts the school day, transportation or communications
    • That puts a person or the public in fear for their safety
    • Death threats
  • Telling someone to harm themselves
  • Inappropriate pictures (Sexting)
    • Taking a photo of someone in a place where they expect privacy such as bathroom or locker room
    • If you are under 18 and take a picture/video of yourself
    • If share a picture/video of yourself or someone else
    • You are in possession of a picture/video (even if you did not ask for it)
    • You coerce, threaten or extort someone to send you a picture/video
  • Stalking someone
  • Committing hate crimes

Crime Stoppers offers free presentations for students and parents, as well as bullying prevention training for school staff – call us at 713-842-7224 to book a presentation/training.

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