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Staying Healthy After the Storm

Finally – relieved of  the storm, but whats next? Sickness after a Storm?

By Dr. Manjula Raguthu

Manjula Raguthu MD,FAAFP,ABAARM

Manjula Raguthu MD,FAAFP,ABAARM

Everyone is relieved that the storm is over, but we are not aware of the Health consequences that occur after a hurricane or a storm. Many diseases can occur due to the storm waters, that are lingering for days around us. Lets plan for Better Health, in the aftermath of the recovery from Tropical Storm Harvey.
1. Use safe drinking water – bottled or boiled water. Diarrhea from Viral or bacterial infections can occur. Norvovirus, Rotavirus or Enterococci are main culprits. If u get sick, seek help immediately to prevent bad infections. Vibrio infections are a possibility in open cuts for those who were exposed to floodwaters
2. Avoid making Ice with unfiltered water – use boiled water for cooking as well as making ice.
3. People who have been displaced and were in Shelters, get evaluated for Tubercuclosis, as mass contamination is possible in overcrowded situations. If people close to you are coughing – use a mask.
4. Avoid water logged areas around the house, these can breed mosquitos and pests.
5. Never walk barefoot in the storm waters – potential snakes, gators and sharp objects.
6. If you get hurt cuts, bruises etc during transport or recovery – get evaluated for Tetanus Vaccination. Use mosquito repellents or sprays around the house and on the kids whenever going out.
7. Avoid eating out till you know that the places are using clean water and food- contaminated food can cause food poisoning, Gastroenteritis, and Hepatitis A (Jaundice).
8. If you are ready to take a stroll again in the park – use bug spray to prevent mosquito borne illnesses – Zika is still a risk now, as well as Yellow Fever or Dengue Fever.
9. Follow your county and Department of Health Notices on Health Hazards.
10. Fever, vomiting and Diarrhea in the aftermath of a Storm is not normal – definitely seek Medical help
11. Do not walk close to loose wires, risk of electrocution with water is high.
12. Use hand hygiene at all times, and if you use nebulizers or masks or insulin and or any medications, keep them clean and safe.

Dr. Manjula Raguthu has been a family physician for 26 years. She is specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Medical Association, American Physicians of Indian Origin, Texas Academy of family Physicians and American Anti-Aging Academy. She takes a holistic approach to health, uses Bio identical hormones and integrative therapies to achieve optimal health for her patients. Visit www.medwinfamily.com for more details.  To call and get an appointment, please call: 832-532-0040.


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