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Brainwave Optimization® The Future Of Healthcare?

A Brainwave Optimization session in process

A Brainwave Optimization session in process

It’s entirely possible that Brainwave Optimization (BWO) will play a vital and integral role in the future of health-care. BWO uses EEG technology and proprietary software that allows us to enjoy health, happiness, and wellbeing, many of the same benefits of meditation, in a fraction of the time.

The science behind the BWO process is based on the plasticity of the brain and the natural ability of the body to heal itself from the inside out. Using an “acoustical mirror®” that plays back brainwave frequencies as tones in real time, the brain balances and harmonizes itself releasing “stuck” mental, emotional, and physical patterns. Unlike other modalities, like neurofeedback, that require conscious work and will power, BWO allows the power of the brain itself to achieve balance and wellbeing. This approach has been successful in working with a wide range of conditions associated with anxiety, stress, trauma, and depression in adults and children.

When the brain is both balanced and in harmony we enjoy better concentration, performance, fewer obsessions or unhealthy habits, and a stronger immune system. Everyday stress and other traumatic events have a damaging and debilitating effect on the central nervous system. We experience this as difficulty with sleep, compulsive and addictive behaviors, the inability to focus and concentrate, feelings of depression, frustration, anxiety, and even anger that impact our quality-of-life. The success of BWO in working with these issues is nothing short of extraordinary.

Island BrainWorks has been a licensed affiliate of Brain State Technologies for nearly a decade and is one of the top ten BWO providers in the world. Their office is located in Historic Downtown Galveston and is open by appointment weekdays and weekends for consultation and Optimization Sessions. The trained technologists at Island BrainWorks work extensively and successfully with both adults and children. To become more familiar with the process they offer an affordable Introductory Session and Consultation. Consider taking a short vacation with Brainwave Optimization at Island BrainWorks on lovely Galveston Island, it may be the one of the best you’ve ever had!
Call for an appointment! Visit us at Islandbrainworks.com.

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