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GET A LIFE: Dance your stress away

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by Loretta LaRoche
When I do daylong workshops, I love to add a dance component. No, I’m not talking about bringing in a ballroom dancing instructor, but rather getting participants to express their stress through movement. Can you imagine how tenuous most people are about getting in front of their peers and letting loose through a series of interpretive moves? Gabrielle Roth, a famous dance therapist, speaks about the benefits of the above technique in her book, “Sweat Your Prayers.” She states that a lot of stress has a staccato feel to it – if we took the time to dance it, we could release the tension.
One woman in my workshop spent a great deal of time discussing her inability to stop worrying. She actually was worrying about what she was worrying about. By our final day together, after we’d gone through several ideas and techniques, she was feeling that nothing could help her.
In movement they managed to effectively demonstrate the pain and destructiveness of worry.
But even more profound was the way this creative exercise changed the woman’s perception of how and what she worried about. I saw her six months later and she said it literally changed her thinking. She saw her own role in continuing the “dance” of worry, and the terrible effects it had on her life. You might give it a try. Turn on the music and dance away your stress. (-New Orleans Local, Photo: DWMI)

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