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For the love of chai


by Ranjani Ranjendra
What is the one thing that keeps most of us going on a long, tiring day? Endless cups of chai — the strong, sweet, milky concoction that most of us have come to love. And if it is laced with ginger or masala, then it’s an even better pick-me-up. Coffee shops might be a dime a dozen, but it is chai in its many avatars that is most sought after in the country — be it as a conversation starter, a welcome drink or even to just catch a break.
We Indians love our tea, be it adrak-wali chai (ginger tea) or Kashmiri Kahwah. Even occasional cups of Japanese jasmine tea or English earl grey holds our fancy, but would you be up for some bacon tea? Well, it’s not a hoax, smoked bacon flavoured tea exists in reality, and looks like it’s actually a favourite among people who’s had the guts to try it out.
This bizarre ‘bacony’ black tea is made of of pine-smoked lapsang souchong, blended with caramel flavoured Ceylon teas. Different manufacturers around the world have taken this main infusion and given their indigenous twist. The bacon flavoured tea seems to have gained popularity in the last one month and have intrigued tea lovers to try the quirky flavour.
Mostly chosen as a Christmas gift option, it has developed into a rising trend among tea lovers. So much so that it is one of the top food trends around the world.
While the one curated by PostTea UK, has more flavours including pieces of butterscotch, sunflower petals, dried apple and natural bacon flavouring from sunflower oil, the other two from USA have different offerings.
The product by Tattle Tea, Maple Bacon Chai Black, has an enriching blend of spices such as cinnamon, clove, coriander and sweet maple flavour along with the quirky flavour of bacon.
The other highly-caffeinated version manufactured by the Adagio Teas is a blend that is an assemblage of the above mentioned ingredients along with flavours of apple pieces and cinnamon bark.
If you think this is the weirdest tea in the world, you are wrong. There are Panda dung tea, dry bubble ice tea, garlic tea, fermented yak butter tea (Pocha), Russian brick tea and many more. Until now, there’s a tie between Panda dung tea and dry bubble ice tea.
While the green tea grown by using Panda faeces as sole fertiliser only restricts itself to the agricultural aspects, the bubble tea is served with dry ice aka frozen Carbon dioxide! Will bacon flavoured tea top the list? Find out on your own. (-TheHinduOnline)

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