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Culture mean many things, including your brown skin

Jyoti Gupta

Jyoti Gupta

Own your brown skin, so your kids can too

Children don’t miss a thing. And what they fail to see, they sense.
It’s not surprising how many have well-formed descriptions, and judgements regarding skin color early in their lives.

A new initiative is trying to create positive conversations, and easier access to a topic considered taboo by many. A new parent-and-child activity book, My Skin Colour, My Media and I introduces skin color to children in a healthy way.

Jyoti Gupta, who’s working on the book alongside parents and educators, asks “Why is it that we maintain high standards in all aspects of parenting, except teaching children to love their bodies, especially their brown skin.”

Several parents are facing colorist, racist, or casteist attitudes today. The reason most parents avoid discussing this topic at home is to protect their children from the realities of the big bad world. But they easily forget, that they have no control over the media, or things other people pass on through their behaviors. “The way to protect children, truly, is having the right conversations early on, rather than pushing them outside the dining room walls. We need to be check our own biases, conditioning, and habits, in order to aid positive sense of pride and self-discovery in the parenting process.”

Colo(u)rism Project Tote bags

Gupta, who founded The Colo(u)rism Project, an initiative that raises awareness of colourism, the practice of discrimination that targets people with dark skin, hopes this child-led activity book will create opportunities to have the right conversations with children, before ideas begin to set in and take shape.

To learn more about the book, or to preorder a copy, please visit www.thecolourismproject.org and go to The Book. The crowdfunding campaign is currently running, and ends February 11th.
For feedback, questions, sponsorships, and speaking engagements, please call (929) 255-4552.

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