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Colors that energise

Colors that energise
Here’s how you can include bright, cheery shades indoors (Photo: Teja Lele Desai)

Here’s how you can include bright, cheery shades indoors (Photo: Teja Lele Desai)

by Teja Lele Desai

If every morning brings along with it Monday morning blues, there’s something wrong with your home environment.

You may not be a morning person, but making a bright colour a part of your surroundings is sure to make you want to rise and shine. Definitely more than if you were to be surrounded by a dull, blasé color.

Each color in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and frequency, producing an energy and nutritive effect that’s specific to it. So while blue may be restful for the boudoir, that restfulness may be keeping you from perking up in the morning.

We suggest you try these colours to feel energised and ready to go every morning, rain or shine.


There’s a reason that green — the colour of regeneration and rebirth — has taken over from others as the new neutral. Whatever color of green you may like, the shade is the colour you see the most in the natural environment. It’s known to increase concentration, induce relaxation and help banish stress.

Where: Use in the bathroom as towels to give yourself a home spa session. Add to the calm feel with a fuzzy green robe.

Choices: Pine, fern, olive, mint, sea, sage, juniper, moss, emerald


The color of sunshine, yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum. It exudes warmth and vitality, and stands for optimism and inspiration. Yellow is known to stimulate the imagination; research shows it influences the left side of the brain, which is responsible for deep thinking.

Where: A yellow-dominant piece of art is perfect to wake up to in the morning. Or consider a mellow yellow on the wall instead.

Choices: Canary, gold, butter, lemon, mustard, corn, mustard, Tuscan sun


A combination of red and yellow, orange is a color that inspires activity. It is positive, rejuvenating and extremely invigorating. Orange is exciting, and — like yellow — radiates warmth and happiness. It keeps you motivated and makes it easier to look on the bright side.

Where: Put some orange where you see it as you go about your morning rituals – a citrusy breakfast set, throw pillows on the sofa or vibrant napkins.

Choices: Tangerine, coral, marigold, ginger, apricot, honey, marmalade, rust

Neutrals and pastels work extremely well in modern homes, but when it comes to a bright morning, a vibrant colour scores more every time. Surround yourself with a bright shade and get ready to get, set and go. (-The Hindu)

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