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Your Horoscope for the Week of September 25, 2015

As per Indian Vaidic Astrology, Moon sign is considered, in which Every Rashi has Control over certain letters, which are initials of your name.

Where as in Western System of Sun Sign, all the people born in one month belongs to the same sign. For Example: Every year approximately around 21 of March to 20 th April The Sun is moving in the Aries Constellation. So all the people born in that month belongs to the Sign of Aries. If you were born in between those two dates then you are an Aries Born.


Aries (A,L,E) 21 March to 20 April

Your future will be in your own hands. Push the envelope, ask questions and seek answers. You’ll find easy conversation and a comfortable setting will help you to unravel some mysteries. Your ability to keep yourself on track will enable you to reach out to new resources for solutions to nagging problems. Your past experiences will help you to see past facades to find answers. Your fuse will be SHORT and there is no getting around it. All you can do is discipline your tongue, hold your impulsive side ‘in check’ and fix anything you DO ‘screw up’ as fast as you can. You show excellent communications skills so use THAT day to patch or plan. Finish tasks quickly and you’ll get ‘two hours/days for each hour/day of effort’. Your stars show an overload and you are prone to ‘push or demand’ where shortfalls enter. You can gain support, get the inside track and find greater ‘ease of communication’; so use IT for your biggest deals, need for cooperation or scheduling time/day. Finish quickly and show your witty and humorous side.

Taurus(B,V,U)21 April to 20 May

The fact you’ll know what you need to do to make yourself feel first-class. Put your imagination into everything you carry out. Take this knowledge to the next level and re-invent yourself. Your immediate plans should include a little bit of rest and relaxation. Take this time to rejuvenate yourself and get started on a new regime of healthy eating and exercise. Time may be ticking, but you need to make sure you have the best plan before you commit. A chance meeting will excite you. You’ll seek people who can offer you a different perspective.  Cooperation is NOT good this week and some members may ‘rub you the wrong way’ far too easily. Big plans are likely, as are visitors and traveling. You may also dip deep into your budget for gifting or entertaining.  This is FLAT OUT not a good week as mistakes, short fuses, confusion and relatively poor communication and ‘comprehension levels’ are likely. You may be ‘thinking too hard’ or trying too hard and not seeing it because you are ‘prepared for a more challenging intellectual task’ than is really THERE!

Gemini (K,CHH,GH) 21 May to 20 June

Your ‘duty level’ is likely to go almost ‘unfairly on the rise’ early in the week but you can get THE best/most support for your ideas, needs, goals and ‘financial loans, backing or permission’ easier than you think but; don’t push your luck. Most of the trends in the ‘world’ appear to slip dramatically. They improve, but remain sour for the balance. Lots of talking, solving, serving and sorting are indicated for and some of you MAY have short fuses doing it. It does not help that many of you show demands on your wallet, patience and creativity at problem solving , especially by foolish mistakes members make. Having ‘two needs, problems or issues’ running concurrently IS very likely. Comb through every little stinking detail before you let any document, however ‘simple’ leave your hands, gain support for your needs, moves, changes and requests, use your ESP to survive and adapt QUICKLY to needs/demands or risk ‘losing it’ in an embarrassing way to insure a successful week, Just ‘carry itself’ and all you have to do is ‘show up’.

Cancer (D,H) 21 June to 22 July

The fact that regardless of your profession, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to improve your methods. This knowledge will help you to deal with situations you encounter at work. Your close relationships may need a little boost of imagination. Relax your restless and assertive spirit and ask your partner to join up with you in pursuing your creative impulses. Some personal problems may interfere with your interaction with others. You may not be very objective when it comes to your emotions or unresolved issues from your past. Cooperation is minimal to ‘rather poor’ and demands are not only likely, but some members may be outright ‘rude’. They tame down quickly and purr nicely but go right back to the same dance until week is over. Improvements appear swift and enjoyable gatherings with long, fulfilling discussions appears VERY likely. Your ‘duty level’ is likely to go almost ‘unfairly on the rise’ early in the week but you can get THE best/most support for your ideas, needs, goals and ‘financial loans, backing or permission’ easier than you think but; don’t push your luck. Most of the trends in the ‘world’ appear to slip dramatically.

Leo(M)  23 July to 22 August

A tendency to want to indulge in some excessive pleasures and have adventuresome experiences. Simple words may stimulate your passion playfully in your love relationship. Practical concerns will dominate. Your mind is serious and you’ll be able to concentrate on work that requires attention to detail. Take action to achieve more closeness relationships. You’ll find that you need to be more focused and disciplined. You may feel as if there is great pressure on you to perform. The key is to proceed very slowly and to prioritize yourself. Be prepared to have just about EVERYTHING from ‘soup to nuts’ brought, dumped, heaped or unfairly and expensively ‘dumped upon you’. Lots of talking appears necessary before you can ‘bring about a significant change’. Excellent flow, discussions that are very progressive and exciting news are likely. Vacations, travelers and big gatherings are likely ALL weekend long; some of them ‘unplanned’!

Virgo(P) 23 August to 22 September

Your ability to concentrate and focus on your work is good. Family relations will be sensitized to your influences. The healing rays of energy you provide to others benefit everyone. A mate or loved one will be able to gain from your advice. Your support and nurturing will make the difference. Your feelings will reveal concerns you have about your relationship. You’ll feel inspired from past experiences. It’ll be easy for you to settle things down and take charge. You may have to be a little more flexible and open-minded to help with other’s needs. First things you’ll need is patience and LOTS of it! You can really get them to ‘hear you’ and respond well but you must use patience as your opener AND closer. An enjoyable weekend is indicated with short trips, several errands and unexpected OR ‘last minute’ visitors likely. Challenges MUST be solved quickly and they have to pass everyone’s ‘sniff test’ but especially power people, decision makers, big clients or personalities who have their ‘finger’ on the pulse of your life and future!

Libra(R,T)23 Sept to 22 Oct

Joyous occasion which will have a big influence your schedule. Give yourself more time to plan. You may begin to develop strong feelings for someone who needs your guidance and support. A love relationship may help you to understand yourself better. You’ll be happy to cooperative in family and work matters. Barriers to romantic bliss will be removed through compromises. You’ll be very sharp and focused in your thinking. You’ll develop some solid ideas and express them concisely. There will be many details to attend to and time will be on your side. Several tough ‘hurtles’ are likely for you both personally and in your own health/fitness issues and some of it may be financial shortages/hassles, common cold/flu, headache, teeth, eyes and sinus. Solving problems, making up for lost time, scrambling toward some goal or deadline and busting yourself to please someone who isn’t going to show it most likely anyway may FILL Monday to Wednesday like a BUCKET. The good news is that the efforts, jobs, chores or requests brought to you give you the chance to REALLY showboat and showcase!

Scorpio(N,Y)23 Oct to 21 Nov

Use your ability to establish more effective alliances with people who can help your career to prosper. You’ll find new ways for your personal ambitions to be successfully completed. You may have to be stern but loving at the same time in order to keep your balance. You can discover how to set limits with others without tearing down your relationship with them. You really enjoy dealing with better methods of detail keeping but recent changes may be a real challenge for you. You know that you cannot continue to work at this hectic pace. Excellent cooperation and higher levels of appreciation are likely AND, it may be expressed TO you or FROM you! Spending peppers with ‘one thing after another’ like health needs, food, appliances, repairs, vehicles and ‘pleasing, placating or gifting’. An enjoyable weekend is indicated with a talkative and surprising.

Plain talk and common sense may be the best choice to handle any and all challenges, chores or ‘big, important attempts, needs or goals’ this week between has ‘cleared’.

Sagittarius(BH,F,DH,TH)22 Nov to 21 Dec

Feel the need for love and compassion. It is strong and you’ll feel romantic or sentimental towards the past. It is great to be open, but use more discrimination with your current audience. The activities you share with your loved ones may center around your intellectual interests. You may feel inclined to discuss your issues of commitment and loyalty in your relationships. You’ll be tempted to spend lavishly on special treats to make your life more comfortable. Buying art and jewelry will increase in value and be appreciated for much longer. Your stars show TONS of effort poured into and almost as if EACH day were exponentially MORE demanding! Then you get a pleasant reprieve and some ‘good news’, most likely about issues with/for members, possibly some that are ’cause for celebration’ literally or privately within yourself. A very enjoyable weekend is indicated but SOME of you become lightly vulnerable to things like excess food/drink, SUN, dehydration, skin, low back and throat issues. While some of you may notice the ‘drain’ on your brain/body, there should be ample rewards for your efforts obvious already.

Capricorn(KH,J)22 Dec to 20 Jan

You know that you can attract what you need by allowing the world to approach you. You are more inclined to flow along with situations than to forcefully try to make things happen. You will be able to communicate in a more sympathetic manner. Your imagination is very active and you need to have the patience to deal with those who cannot follow your dreams. Friends will help you to lighten your load by listening to you without judgment. Once you are able to open up without of fear criticism, you’ll be able to unburden your soul. Cooperation is expected to be very poor but will improve impressively and continues to improve EACH day thereafter through. Spending tends to escalate and really ramp up but it may be ‘all worth it’ come, when ‘mile stone events’ celebrations, last minute or planned gatherings unfold or surprise visitors knock you off your feet! Don’t ‘have any expectations’ early in the week and you won’t be disappointed. Some help may flow in early to give you a bit of a ‘push over’ but don’t count on it blowing you up; just be happy if you get ANY assistance whatsoever! A delay may be costly but mostly in things like time, patience, effort, etc and not rep or cash. A big ‘boost’ is likely and then things get much easier.

Aquarius(G,S,SH)  21 Jan to 19 Feb

You may feel some extra tension at home. Use your sense of humor to be much more convincing than having to use heavy-handed tactics. Conflicts between work demands and your personal needs will need to be addressed. Unresolved emotional tangles are likely to arise unless you agree to make more compromises. Your patience and honest efforts will be your best offense. You may resent the limitations that have been set out for you but realize that they will help you to succeed. Sort the challenges and jobs in the list of their ‘importance and priority’ and then just rock on! Rewards for your efforts are likely to be quick and ‘rich’ emotionally and spiritually. Spending may spike and there isn’t a THING you can do about it. Entertaining, travel/visitors and gifting may eat up some disposable cash this week! You appear to do cronies favors and they appear to return the favor nicely. OFF site schmoozing may really pay off BIG time and if you have to; go out of your WAY to ‘be there’ especially if local travel is involved.

Pisces(D,CH,Z)20 Feb to 20 March

Some interesting connections which will unlock new doors. You may want to reword a proposal or in some way adjust your way of communicating in order to come to a mutual agreement. A new or renewed relationship will prove to be romantic, loving and pleasing to you. You will be quite concerned with looking your best and may even behave somewhat flirtatiously. Your communication skills are especially good when discussing your feelings. Clear the air of past problems. It’ll be easier for you to be more sensitive to others inner feelings. Short fuses and plenty of reason to ‘placate’ members fills the early week, changes everything into improvement status clear through, when a ‘single aspect’ stands alone to create a cheerful and enjoyable day for discussion, humor, exchanges that are fulfilling and cause for celebration highly likely. Keep things short and simple, sweet and brief and then you can ‘push, push and push’. Deals and stalled agendas tend to pick up speed and close and you may even find you get ‘extra, unexpected goodies’ that weren’t part of your expectations.













Prepared By:

Hardik Vyas : Astrologer, Vaastu & Gem Stone Consultant

Cell : 832-298-9950, Web : www.toaskfuture.com

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