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2016 Yearly Forecast

Aries 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Aries

You will see a mixed year perhaps good in some areas as well little tough in certain other areas. You need to bring change in your nature, You need to be calm down. See the things lightly, don’t give reactions very fast as you do always. “Patience” is the only mantra will work out best for you entire 2016. Those who are married will be rewarded with “Good News” of new family member, this will defiantly bring cheers in your life.
Family Life 2016 for Aries

Have patience, Be calm with family members. Time will be little tough but its temporary. Be happy & give cheers to your family members. DO outing, enjoy vacation with family members & leave all your tentions behind.


Health Forecast 2016 for Aries

You must be careful regarding your health issues. Take it seriously, it’s all due to stress. Try not to be stress out that is the best medicine & plus do Yoga & meditaion.

Love Life 2016 for Aries
Those who are already in affair it will be not good year from them, however if you are lonely & looking for some partner, yes will surely get this year.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Aries

A strong urge of bringing change in your job or profession or profession & yes you will get success in that. It’s better to go with change rather that just thinking for it.

Students Forecast 2016 for Aries
Don’t be in dream world, Be practical. Of course, You are bright student but this year will be little tough. Pay full attention to your study. Only hard work will favor you, not your luck.

Taurus 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Taurus
A good year with lots of opportunities in all directions, predicted for you.  Domestic happiness and welfare is assured but you will have more pressure of family members on your shoulders. You need to stay calm & find ways for betterment. Utilize your energy not inside but go outside & you will be able to create something good in your professional life. You will implement on your new ideas & will get fruitful results out of it.

Family Life 2016 for Taurus

Avoid arguments with your spouse, it will bring no good effect. If you are successful in that, you will be defiantly able to enjoy happy moments.

Health Forecast 2016 for Taurus
Your health will be good throughout the year. But there is a chance of small accident you have to be careful while driving or doing home cleaning.

Love Life 2016 for Taurus

There will be huge change in your love life, you will meet your old friend or lost love back in your life.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Taurus

Your work related environment will change & occasionally you have to deal will issues which may dampen your spirit. But normally it will be good turnout for you after all your hard work will pay you nicely.

Students Forecast 2016 for Taurus
You need to get serious. Leave or reduce all the other activities like watching tv & going out.

Gemini 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Gemini

You will be blessed with innovative mind & ideas this year. You will feel suddenly that your communication skill has improved a lot & you are able to express yourself in much more effective way & will able to gain from it.  You are going to question yourself for everything in your life. You will become philosopher also. At the end you will be shining for all of your efforts.

Family Life 2016 for Gemini
You will feel new bond between you & spouse, both of you will work hard & co-operate each other to achieve your goals. Some problems will erupt from wife side siblings but that will not bother you much.

Health Forecast 2016 for Gemini
You will be fit & fine throughout the year. All the disease will stay away from you & you will fill good mental & physical energy.

Love Life Forecast 2016 for Gemini
Love life will be good, nothing constructive will happen in this area at least for this year.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Gemini
Luck will be in your favor in the job. You will be able to achieve all your sales & marketing goals to your & others surprise. You will shine in your profession. You will have to do lots of small trip related to your work.

Students Forecast 2016 for Gemini
You will do good in education, you will win all the debates with your knowledge based arguments.

Cancer 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Cancer
You will see lot of change in your personality, this will be the first time that  you will become more intro ward. You will stop caring about others you will just concentrate on yourself & on your family only. Your focus will be on your money only, your bank balance will increase to higher level & you will spend money only on yourself to fulfill your need of you & your family.

Family Life 2016 for Cancer

You will Love & take care of only your close family members. If you are married & expecting, then this will be the time you will be gifted of a good news of a new family member.

Health Forecast 2016 for Cancer

Health will be good but as you are always careless about your health, your spouse may take initiative to make you health conscious.
Love Life 2016 for Cancer
Someone will knock the door of your heart & you will fall deeply in love which will lead to happy marriage if you are unmarried. But If you are married then it will be a new romance between you & your spouse.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Cancer
You will get tremendous success in your work. You will get better recognized for your work & will get promotion & will earn good money throughout year.

Students Forecast 2016 for Cancer
You will be serious & will aim to be topper in your exams. You will surely get success.

Leo 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Leo
You will go through major transition. You will feel the energy of change & you will be able to bring lot of change in your life, within you & around you.  You will in fame & will bring success in your life. You will learn new things & will get new idea. You will set new goals & will easily achieve your goals & targets. You will be little bit intro ward & will be in deep hunger of satisfying self ego.

Family Life 2016 for Leo

You will experience happiness and peace at home. Your spouse will demand more attention & you will be happy to give more attention & hence good flow of romance will flow in your life.

Health Forecast 2016 for Leo

You & your family will be blessed with good health in this year. You will be more energetic & will spread health awareness in your family

Love Life 2016 for Leo

Enjoy love, peace & co-operation. It will lead to a successful marriage this year.
Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Leo
Increase in earning sources clearly predicted. Business & job related foreign tours are visible. There will be an increase in your earnings. Increased income will lead you to increased savings. Any new source of income will help in strengthening your financial position. Blocked money will easily come back.

Students Forecast 2016 for Leo
Better than expectation. In case, you are appearing for competitive exams, the result will be positive. You will make feel proud to your parents by your excellent performance.

Virgo 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Virgo
You will try to be in isolation. Away from world, away from people…..Just be in yourself. May be you will walk on the path of learning new things like Spirituality, Meditation & Yoga or anything which will feed your hunger for self realization. You feel that you just want peace & you want to understand yourself in much more better way. You will do foreign trip just to be away from the world.

Family Life Forecast 2016 for Virgo

Avoid yourself getting involved in family disputes or so. If you are angry don’t speak anything & be silence because your words will do more harm in the coming period.

Health Forecast 2016 for Virgo
You will be little less careful about your health but then also you will be healthy throughout the year.

Love Life Forecast 2016 for Virgo
The confusion regarding love affair will end, a new romance will start in your life, which may lead to marriage In second half of yar. Your patience will surely give you sweet results. There will be real Joy from love.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Virgo
Carrier will be ok. You will work hard but will feel to bring change in your carrier but nothing will work out. But be patience, time will change soon.

Students Forecast 2016 for Virgo
Excellent year for students. Get information of every detail of the institution you are planning to get enrolled. This is a good time for those who are planning to study abroad.

Libra 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Libra
Excellent year ahead will bring you so many new connection & all sort of success in your life. You will be center of attention. You will be very creative. You will be in large circles of power people & you will gain a lot out of it. You will be busy in creative self attraction. You will get some benefit from your elder brother or sister.  Make sure you pay attention to other areas of your life too.

Family Life 2016 for Libra

Your opinion will differ from others in your family, try to listen elders & take their advice. Keep in mind that you cannot be right always. Pay attention on children, they will feel ignored this year.
Health Forecast 2016 for Libra

So Much of positive change will occur at mental & physical level which will lead to good health.


Love Life 2016 for Libra

You will get many friends & Long awaited new romance will start & lead to marriage.
Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Libra
Job or business will definitely have huge positive change, just have patience. Money problems get solved and developments in career clearly predicted. Promotions will be there.

Students Forecast 2016 for Libra
Forget other things, You must have to be focused on your education otherwise you will loose your grades.

Scorpio 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Scorpio

People will see lot of change in you, you will be in fame. You will feel the energy of change within you. You will be so dynamic that you will want to change everything, especially at your work. You will work hard for to bring change. Make sure your ego don’t clash with others, you have to be calm & work with patience. You will defiantly successful in bringing good change. You will get high level of progress & recognition, that will completely satisfy your ego.
Family life 2016 for Scorpio
Work will be your first priority, hence you will miss to pay attention in your family life but your spouse will be very co-operative & will take care of it on your behalf.

Health Forecast 2016 for Scorpio
Don’t forget to take rest on weekends, after all your body needs some rest, It’s good for health also. You will be totally fit & fine throughout the year.

Love Life 2016 for Scorpio
You will take love issues seriously only in the second half of the year.

Job/Business/Career 2016 for Scorpio

You will get better opportunities this year. You will get tremendous success in your work related activities. You will get higher promotion with good status or you will start a new successful business.
Students Forecast 2016 for Scorpio

You will be too much focused in your education that you will get disconnected with your family, although temporary. But you will get best grades in your exams.

Sagittarius 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Sagittarius
You will be concentrated only on yourself, you will learn so many new things.  You will think of doing higher education or will try to obtain knowledge from everywhere & anywhere. You will try to be master of all. And yes knowledge is good thing to acquire but you should know how to practically implement in your life

Family Life 2016 for Sagittarius
Happy occasions will be celebrated in the family. Don’t impose your ideas on other family members just take care of them. Listen to your spouse & admire her talks, that will the best Key for happy family life.

Health Forecast 2016 for Sagittarius

Health will be excellent through out the year. You will feel more energetic & will try to do more things.

Love Life 2016 for Sagittarius
You will feel that you are strongly heading towards blind love. Be practical in your life, you need to see the ground reality. You shouldn’t do anything for which you have to be miserable in future.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Sagittarius

Confusion & frustration of the past is over. Your luck will start favoring you. 2016 will bring financial stability. Yet you will face many hurdles, especially if you are in business. But don’t loose hope, hard work always pays at the end.

Students Forecast 2016 for Sagittarius
Take study seriously. You will feel learning new things but make sure you don’t loose grip on your main course of education. You need to work hard & stay focused.

Capricorn 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Capricorn
This year will be teaching you new & important lessons in your life. You will make new connections but stay away from unwanted conversations, avoid misunderstandings & let controversies out of your way, it is must for you to achieve your goals. You will get good vision & ideas. People will feel impressed with your ideas & thinking. People will try to get advice from you. You will be able to get good success in your life till you try to concentrate on yourself without paying attention on your competitors.

Family Life 2016 for Capricorn
Apart from you busy work schedule, give some time to family, do some outing & fun loving things on weekend. Try to keep balance in your professional work & family life.

Health Forecast 2016 for Capricorn
Suddenly you will be more health conscious. Stay alert as there are strong chances of accident. Health will be not only good but you will feel a good flow of energy.

Love Forecast 2016 for Capricorn
Although with you busy work schedule you won’t be able to give more time for your love life. But over all it shows good going.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Capricorn

You will start getting so many benefits in your job/ business, hence you will enjoy your work.
Students Forecast 2016 for Capricorn
You will think of obtaining education from distant place or you will shift to different location for your education. Over all it will be good rewards of your hard work, if you study hard.

Aquarius 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Aquarius
You are living happily but in a kind of uncertainty, but don’t worry, this year will show you the path of success. But you have to very careful judging others. You need to secure your base before you start doing construction of your dream palace. You will do so much charity work this year & will help other people, that will give you good recognized.

Family Forecast 2016 for Aquarius
There will be sudden change in your spouse’s behavior. You will enjoy new love & care from your spouse, will really enjoy your family life.

Health Forecast 2016 for Aquarius
Health will be your wealth this year. You will be fit & fine person, not only that but you will gain some weight also. So keep doing exercise.

Love Life Forecast 2016 for Aquarius
As you will be busy in your carrier making, there will be no time to think on romance or love, you may realize that you need some charm in your life & will get some one suitable for you.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Aquarius

Very favorable year, in job & business. Al the hurdles & financial problems ended & new better opportunities will be visible & that will lead to higher growth.

Students Forecast 2016 for Aquarius
Excellent year for education. You will succeed in all areas whether you are high school student, college student or doing PHD, you will score higher this year & even get better internship.

Pisces 2016 Forecast

Year 2016 Forecast for Pisces
Those who are of marriageable age will find their fate & will get married this year. There will be so many new occasions in your family & you will earn goodwill in your family. You will become strong & will leave your loose your emotions & You will start focusing on practical side of life. At the end, You will turn out to be winner.

Family Life 2016 for Pisces

Past year disputes will come to an end & new zeal of romance will start with your spouse. Overall good period for peace  & harmony in your family.
Health Forecast 2016 for Pisces
Although you are lazy but you will become more health conscious & think of joining GYM or YOGA CENTER. If you are on medication you will try to change your doctor.

Love Life Forecast 2016 for Pisces
You will enjoy happy love life, it will not distract you but will help you with your life struggles.

Job/Business/Career Forecast 2016 for Pisces

There will be a good change in your job & business. Avoid argumentative moments with your boss. You will enter into new partnership or joint venture.

Students Forecast 2016 for Pisces
A good year for achieving academic excellence. You will be able to get the desired results.


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