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Voice of Asia Indian Nurses Nightingale Awards Night

Until 1965, immigrants who came to the US were from European countries.  In 1965, the president relaxed the immigration rule and allowed for the first time, people from non-European countries.

Along with the relaxation of immigration laws they introduced health care, Health Insurance and Medicare.  At that time, there were not enough registered nurses or technicians available in the US.  This scarcity of professional nurses opened the way for our nurses to come as immigrants in large numbers.

Indian Nurses were among the first wave of immigrants since President Johnson relaxed the immigration law and allowed Nurses from India to come to the US in thousands.  Though they had an easy entry to US, they had to face many hardships and discrimination.  They were mostly middle-aged women who traveled thousands of miles leaving their children, the family and husband back in India.

The purpose of the Indian American Nurses Nightingale Award is to give them their due recognition and respect they deserve and to get their story published for the information of the next generation people to know that the rich life they enjoy now as the result of their sufferings.


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