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TX-22 Town Halls For Our Lives holds gun safety meeting

 Six area high schools were represented at the meeting.

Six area high schools were represented at the meeting.

SUGAR LAND – Students in the city of Sugar Land got together from 6 high schools and had an engaging time discussing guns, schools, and students mental health issues in the town hall meeting.
Elected officials attended included FBISD board trustee KP George (also running for the Fort Bend County Judge), and State Representative Ron Reynolds.
Candidates attended included those who are running for the Fort Bend county court judges (Juli Matthew and Toni Wallace), county commissioner (Ken DeMerchant), state representative (Sarah DeMerchant and Jennifer Cantu), state senator (Fran Watson), state education board (Eliz Markowitz), and congressional seats (Sri Preston Kulkarni, Letitia Plummer, and Kellen Sweny).
In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in Florida on Feb. 14, 2018, youth activism has found a new place in our society. Students of the Texas 22nd Congressional District are working together, to open up community dialogs and to hold town halls in the area.
These town halls, run by students and for students, are intended to focus on and address non-partisan and non-polarizing student concerns. These concerns include: Gun Control and School Safety, Mental Health and Bullying, Over Testing and Academic Pressure, Student Civic Engagement, and other relevant issues.
On April 7th, 2018, in responding to the nationwide call for town halls following the March for Our Lives rally, three town halls in the area: Sugar Land, Pearland, and Katy, were held. Students, educators, parents, as well as community members, were invited to attend these town halls and to engage in open dialogues with our public officials. These included current congressman or congresswoman, state senators and representatives, as well as school board trustees. Candidates running these positions will be also invited.
As the group stated on their Facbook page, “The main purpose of these events is to encourage students to use their voice as constituents and to participate in the civic process and governmental affairs. As students from both the Republican and Democratic groups are participating, the student organizers intend to keep the nature of these activities non-partisan, without endorsing any specific policies over another.
“Rather, open discussion between Republicans, Democrats, and Nonpartisans in regards to our differences is being endorsed. Although dissonance in ideology and ideas is bound to emerge in the dialogue between candidates, elected officials, and constituents, it is important that we engage in a dialogue with each other in order to approach pragmatic solutions. Dissent in opinion is not a mark of division, rather, it is a building block for unity and for bridging the partisan divide. We encourage everyone to join us in these town halls and to become active participants of our community.”

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