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Three organizations jointly present workshop on Diabetes and Yoga

A section of the audience

A section of the audience

by Nikhil Jain
HOUSTON – Sewa International along with JVB Preksha Meditation Center and VYASA organized a free community workshop “Multifaceted holistic approach to Diabetes through Yoga” on January 28th. It was attended by over 100 people and was conducted by Dr. Sudha Rajan who has been practicing in the Clear Lake area for the past 30 years.
The camp started with JVB President & host Seema Jain welcoming the participants and informing them about JVB and its activities. Thereafter Sachin Dabir of Sewa & Jayachandran Chandrasekaran of VYASA informing everyone about the activities of their respective organization. It was heartfelt to see three of the active community organization joining forces to bring this free program for the community members and the community members turning out in number.
Dr. Sudha Rajan gave a presentation on yoga therapy as a treatment protocol for diabetes, a global pandemic. She outlined eight major causative defects in the human system—and how yoga therapy addresses each of these defects. Dr. Rajan stressed that lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and the deep relaxation of major organs through yoga can arrest pre-diabetes or even reverse diabetes. Chronic stress, she said, from the demands of modern life causes serious, deleterious effects in the human body. However, yoga therapy is an effective treatment for stress, diabetes or not. The audience was surprised to learn that Israeli scientists had developed a machine to train patients on slower breathing, thereby reducing blood pressure.
Brief information was provided to participants about the Stop Diabetes Movements (SDM) Yoga camp, which have been conducted in Houston area since 2014. They provide holistic approach to managing Diabetes. Several of the participants registered for the upcoming SDM camps on site itself.
A big thank you to Dr. Rajan and all the volunteers of these 3 organizations starting with Seema Jain, Gaurav Jhaveri, Deepesh Jain, Ritu Jain, Anuja Deshpande, Vibhuti Shah, Naina Patel, Noopur Sapatnekar, Sachin Dabir, Jay Chandrasekaran & Roshmi Dalal for putting things together. The workshop ended with nutritious snacks & tea served to everyone.

These SDM yoga camp have been extremely successful with over 100+ participants already have attended these in Houston during the past 1 year. The ten-day camp included daily yoga routine, lectures from doctors and specialist on diabetes, stress, food habits, and, how to manage better. Sewa & VYASA will conduct the next set of camps in Katy, Sugar Land, West Houston & Cypress simultaneously, from Feb 24th to March 5th. These camps are free of charge, they have a deposit which is refunded once participants complete all the sessions. For those who want to know more & register for these SDM Diabetes Yoga camp, please contact info-sdm@sewausa.org or (713)834-4909 / (281) 546-8202. The last day to register for the camp is February 15th, 2017.

Sewa USA is 501 (c) (3) Hindu faith-based non-profit, charitable organization.
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