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Sini Mathews, mother of missing Richardson girl is ‘distraught’


An attorney representing the mother of a missing 3-year-old girl in Richardson said Wednesday that the woman is “distraught” over the disappearance of her daughter.
Attorney Kent Starr met with Sini Mathews at the family’s home and then briefly addressed reporters outside.
Starr said Mathews has spoken with Richardson police and is cooperating with police. He said all she wants is for her daughter back and is “very hopeful that her daughter will be returned.”
The child, Sherin Mathews, was last seen at 3 a.m. Saturday by her father, Wesley Mathews, who told investigators that he told the child to stand outside after not drinking her milk, police said.
The father reported the child missing about five hours later, police said.
Wesley Mathews was arrested Saturday on a child endangerment charge, and he was released Sunday evening on bond.
Police have said the girl’s mother was asleep and is not facing charges.
Speaking as to why Sini Mathews has hired an attorney, Starr said everybody has a right to legal council and the fact the Wesley Mathews may be accused of a crime is not indicative that his wife is involved.
“There has been no accusations of wrongdoing against Ms. Mathews,” Starr said. (-NBCDFW)

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