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Samskriti presents “Fire and Ash” and “Dwita”


“Fire and Ash,” produced by Gowri Ramnarayan tells stories of Lord Siva.

Two incredible performances for the price of one featuring the most outstanding artists presented on stage.

Fire and Ash producer Gowri Ramnarayan has linked together the different arts with her narration and her understanding of the essence of the Indian philosophy.
Gowri, grand daughter of Kalki Krishnamurthy and grand-niece of the world famed Smt. M.S. Subbalakshmi aims at bringing the ancient to the contemporary, and thus succeeding in transporting the Omnipotent and Omniscient to the Timelessness of Space.


Duo performance by Rama Vaidyanathan and Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Introducing Bhakti through the language of the common man, as against the orthodoxy of Sanskrit, in this journey, Savita Narasimhan successfully wielded the paint brush and digitally through her music and the visual dimension in form of dance provided by Anjana Anand. This performance “Fire and Ash’ takes you on a journey that extolled the concepts and attributes with anecdotes and stories of Lord Siva in a inimitable performance.

“DWITA” Bharatanatyam style performance by duo Rama Vaidyanathan and Dakshina Vaidyanathan. Dwita is a Sanskrit term that means duality, explores the double take on different aspects of life. The Devi is compassionate as well as ferocious, Love for the Divine can be sensual as well as spiritual, the Ardhanareeswara is a male as well as a female, and a Mother’s love is protective and yet it does not chain her daughter. There is the finite man and the infinite supreme consciousness, but still man endeavors for both to become one. DWITA depicts all these dichotomies that make life mysterious. Live Orchestra accompaniments on Nattuvangam -Dr. S. Vasudevan
Vocal- K.Venkateshwaran, Mridangam – Ramamoorthy Sriganesh and Flute- Rajat Prasanna

When: On NOV.8th, 2015, 3.30PM

Where: at Bayou theater, uh Clear Lake, 2700 Bayarea blvd, Houston, TX 77058.

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