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Saadhana Pariwar students receive Mewati Grand-Guru’s blessings and encouragement


Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj Ji and Pandit Suman Ghosh.

by Sucheta Roy

On 7th February 2016, the Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston (CICMH) hosted “Gunateeta Sang” for the disciples of Saadhana Pariwar, the Gurukul established by maestro Pandit Suman Ghosh. This exclusive event, held periodically, brings an opportunity for the disciples of Saadhana Pariwar to receive the blessings of none other than the beacon of the Mewati Gharana, Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj Ji.


Students of CICMH at the Anjali Center for Performing Arts in Sugar Land, watch the performance on Sunday, 7th Feb. 2016.

After a warm and traditional Indian welcome for the Grand-Guru at the Anjali Center for Performing Arts in Sugar Land, Houston’s own Pandit Suman Ghosh led his disciples in rendering a selection of his own as well as Pandit Jasraj Ji’s landmark compositions. The Living Legend was moved to tears on hearing his grand disciples’ soulful renderings of some of his more complex compositions in difficult raags.

During the musical tribute, the disciples witnessed a very touching incident. Pandit Ghosh had injured his wrist recently, and on seeing him manage the harmonium bellow with a cast, Pandit Jasraj-Ji gestured to his beloved disciple that he would like to bellow the harmonium for him. After this offer was met with a gentle smile, Pandit Ji beckoned to one of the disciples to come to Pandit Ghosh’s assistance. To be loved this tenderly by one’s Guru is an enormous achievement indeed. And that love was declared for everybody present to see and be deeply touched.

After the musical offering, Pt. Ghosh felicitated his Guru in the traditional way. The Grand-Guru then spoke at length to Pandit Ghosh’s disciples, entertaining questions from them with wit and kindness. He then blessed his grand-disciples with a music session. For a seeker and learner of music, there cannot be a bigger blessing than this. Pandit Jasraj Ji chose a raag and a bandish in raag Gyankali, both created by the Mewati grand-Guru, Maharaja Jaiwant Singh-Ji Waghela of Saanand. He was also Pandit Jasraj Ji’s spiritual Guru. It is very humbling to come face to face with such a rich heritage and gives even the youngest among us a direct connection to one’s roots and history.

The evening continued with a joyful celebration of the Sangeet Martand’s birthday. The grand-Guru was showered with flower petals by all of Pandit Ghosh’s disciples. It is obvious that the one’s showering the flowers were blessed infinitely…as one may live an entire life without ever being given such an opportunity to offer devotion and respect to such an eminent personality. Pandit Jasraj Ji enjoyed every bit of the program, participating actively. Looking at his energy, zeal and involvement, one would hardly realize that he had just celebrated eighty-six years of life.

Houston is fortunate to be home to Pandit Suman Ghosh, torch-bearing disciple of Pandit Jasraj Ji. It is by Pandit Ghosh’s initiative and enthusiasm that such busy schedules as Pandit Jasraj Ji’s are bypassed making such rare and life-changing opportunities available to Pandit Ghosh’s disciples in and around Houston.

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