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Rahul Gandhi needs to take rebirth, again

Rahul Gandhi (Photo: IndiaLive)

Rahul Gandhi (Photo: IndiaLive)


by Hari Dayal, Ph.D.
I have just returned from India after spending five weeks. The entertainment value of the Gujrat election coverage was so huge I was virtually glued to the TV.
Most entertaining was Rahul Gandhi’s new Brahmin persona – his sacred thread (Janeu), his prominent Tilak on the forehead, his claim to Kashmiri Pandit roots, and last, but not the least, his visit to twenty-two Hindu temples. Understandably, BJP was quick to point out that Rahul sat in the Namaz posture as he offered puja during those temple visits.
Unfortunately for Rahul and the Congress party, Rahul’s Janeu did not fool anyone. The party lost Gujrat in spite of rigorous campaigning by Rahul Gandhi and strategic alliances with Patidar Patels and Dalits. Even Modi’s unpopular demonetization and GST (General Sales Tax dubbed as Gabbar Singh Tax by Congress) did not help Rahul and the Congress sway the election in their favor.
Elections come and go and politicians like camellias change colors. In the recent Gujrat elections, Rahul was camouflaged as a devout Janeu-wearing high cast Hindu, shedding his old colors of a secular messiah of Muslims and minorities. It would have been worth it if it worked. But, it did not.
The important question is whether Rahul can reincarnate himself again as the champion of secular cause. Being a proclaimed Hindu, and that too a Brahmin, I suppose he believes in reincarnation!

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