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Parents show gratitude to teachers at son’s surprise graduation party

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by Shobana Muratee
Rounding up your child’s middle school and high school teachers and friends for a surprise graduation party could be a herculean task. But not parents Dr. Ramesh and Anuradha Cherivirala, who wouldn’t have it any other way for their son Sushain Cherivirala, graduating from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science this year.
Sushain studied at Dulles High School’s FBISD Math and Science Academy where he leaves behind a trail of significant achievements. Of the many outstanding works he did, highlights were the ‘Google Code-In’ contest and winning the IBM’s Master the Mainframe Contest.
Sushain is an undergraduate in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and a researcher in the ISR. On Friday, January 5th, Sushain parents hosted a surprise graduation party at the India House where friends, families and teachers from his school attended. Many present knew of Susahin’s track record in schools and now college, but what they heard from the teachers was most alluring and inspiring to parents and other graduates-to-be.
“He reminds me of a cross between Colin Powell with his discipline and Warren Buffett as he relates to the finance end of it,” said Regina Crafter, Quail Valley Middle School health teacher and former Ms. Texas America, 2015, who is also a cancer survivor. Sushain, Ms. Crafter acknowledged, had played a very active role in the fundraising efforts at the health club she sponsored at Quail Valley Middle School, where students raised $40,000 in a three-year period for the MD Anderson Cancer Center. “What I like about him is that he is grounded and never wants to feel like he is better than anyone else,” she added.

Sushain with his friends from High School and earlier. Photo credit Dr. Sushovan Guha

Sushain with his friends from High School and earlier. Photo credit Dr. Sushovan Guha

Sushain1-IBMAmong others who spoke was Mr. Simons, whose message was profound and touching. He praised Sushain with some of the choicest words like ‘genius’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘focused’. He also praised the parents, saying if parents were as dedicated as Sushain’s the job of a teacher would be far less challenging. Sushain’s sister Spoorthi – who is also a bright and promising student – said she was proud of her big brother and jested about how they tricked him into the surprise party. A large collection of pictures from Sushain’s childhood to his most recent years was presented in a slide show as “My feelings”, prepared by his mother Anuradha. A few close friends of the family whose children grew up with Sushain also shared their feelings and congratulated him as well on the occasion.
Sushain’s has undoubtedly raised the bar of academic excellence for his peers and others who’ll follow. With a career path unmistakably bright, Sushain continues to challenge himself in other areas, such as philosophy and law to economics and business. He serves as vice-chair of the university’s Undergraduate Student Senate. His main passion however, is software development and he aspires to become a technical product manager handling global projects. From his just two decades of academic history, one can clearly perceive how far and high he will go in ranks. Good luck!

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