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Missouri City wins $50,000 Lowe’s grant

MISSOURI CITY – Missouri City and The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation recently announced that the city will receive a $50,000 grant for the Quail Valley North Park Playground Replacement project.

“I am very proud of Parks & Recreation Director Jason Mangum and his team for their efforts in understanding the importance of public/private partnerships in achieving our goals,” City Manager Anthony Snipes said. “Their hard work on this application is evident and will result in an enhanced quality-of-life for residents.”
As part of the city’s High Performance Organization model, staff is finding innovative ways to fund projects and programs. In addition to the newly created 501©3 Missouri City Parks Foundation, which is actively pursuing proposals and sponsorships, employees also took the initiative to apply for multiple regional and national grant applications to fund several projects, including the grant.
“Thanks to the hard work of staff, we were awarded the highest level of funding from the LCEF to replace a park that was destroyed by an arsonist two years ago and unfortunately has not been replaced due to limited resources,” Snipes said. “This is a great partnership with Lowe’s that will help rebuild a community recreation space and allow us to work collaboratively with one of our corporate sponsors. I am proud of the ‘Show Me’ spirit exhibited during this process and look forward to an innovative new playground that area families can enjoy.”
Snipes said that as the city plans for growth and development, the city council is working to meet goals through creative and strategic methods and are already showing successful through the grant and the parks foundation, which will focus on parks, recreation facilities, trails, special events, public art, education, equipment, scholarships, and municipal facilities.

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