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Mayfield Park expansion to begin soon

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Sugar Land City Council recently approved approximately $1 million for the expansion of Mayfield Park.

The park is located behind the former Imperial Sugar refinery site near U.S. Highway 90A and Brooks Street.

Johnson Development provided 2.6 acres for the expansion as part of parkland dedication required by the City and stipulations included in the Imperial Redevelopment Agreement. Along with an existing 1.5 acres, there are approximately 4 acres of developable parkland.

The design of the park was completed in March. The design phase included a public meeting to obtain feedback from residents regarding park amenities. Improvements will include trails, sidewalks, a pavilion, signage, playground equipment, a basketball court, lighting and landscaping.

“We’re excited to begin the expansion of a neighborhood park to serve one of our oldest neighborhoods,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Joe Chesser. “It’s a continuation of our partnership with the community to provide an area for active recreation that includes field activities, court games, fun spaces for children, picnicking and more.”
Construction is expected to begin in July, and the new additions are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The park will be closed during construction. (-City of Sugar Land)

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