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Local teens to star in CSI Sugar Land

Shutterstock photo.

Shutterstock photo.

The Sugar Land Police Department will partner with area teens for a first-ever hands-on academy that will provide insight into the work of police officers, including opportunities to solve crimes. T

The program starts on June 16, from 8am to noon at the Duhaseck Park, 17034 Old Richmond Road.

As part of a new two-week program to foster relationships, trust and understanding, Sugar Land students will have an opportunity to practice what many may have seen only on episodes of CSI.

Students will conduct crime scene investigations at a park under the supervision of seasoned law enforcement officers. Following a presentation on the work of crime scene investigators, a mock scene will be staged, and participants will help police process the scene and solve the crime. Activities will include the collection and preservation of evidence, as well as crime lab procedures. (-City of Sugar Land)

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