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Indian Doctors Association gala raises funds for scholarships and IDCC

Manish Gandhi MD, President IDA presenting plaque to honoree couple Drs. Sunita and Suresh Moonat at the IDA gala. Photo credit: Bijay Dixit.

Manish Gandhi MD, President IDA presenting plaque to honoree couple Drs. Sunita and Suresh Moonat at the IDA gala. Photo credit: Bijay Dixit.

by Shobana Muratee

HOUSTON – The Indian Doctors Association (IDC) held it’s sold out annual gala on Friday, March 24 Omni Houston Hotel, Regency Ballroom. The IDC is among the pioneering Indo-American non-profit organizations founded in 1981 by physician of Indian origin living in Houston with the singular purpose to give back to the community they worked in. Today, IDA’s scope expands to serve as a networking forum for physicians of Indian origin, providing mentorship in academic excellence, patient care and promoting health education for the Greater Houston community.
Manish Gandhi, MD, practicing with Kelsey Seybold and president of IDA welcomed the guests and introduced IDA Board Officers: Vice president Dr. Prasun Jalal, Secretary Dr. Swati Joglekar, Treasurer, Dr. Jignesh Shah, and Past President Dr. Subodh Chauhan and the Board of Directors: Dr. Apurva Pancholy, Dr. Ashima Chauhan, Dr. Arvind Bhimaraj, Dr. Niraj Patel, Dr. Atasu Nayak Dr. Pushan Jani and Dr. Bharat Pothuri.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Lisa Ehrlich delivering her address.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Lisa Ehrlich delivering her address.


Dr.Manju Sachdev, Emcee

Dr. Gandhi, touching on the history of IDA when it was started 36 years ago, spoke of its founders and their stalwart leadership. He recognized Dr. Vinod Bhuchar, Dr. Shah, Dr. Suresh Moonat, Dr. Sunita Moonat, Dr. Manoj Vakilve, Dr. Subodh Bhuchar, Dr. Mahesh Ramchandani, Dr. Uttam Tripathy, and Dr. Subodh Chauhan for their vision and continued support to IDA. IDA’s focus in providing mentorship to the next generation to achieve academic excellence. A program to provide college students 4-5 weeks of internships to expose them to a career in medicine. IDA is still being worked on Dr. Gandhi explained. IDA also awards scholarships to deserving high school students from greater Houston areas.

“Our primary goal however, is to provide free medical care to disadvantage patients in the Houston area regardless of the race, religion or ethnicity. This is done by support India Doctors Charity Clinic (IDCC), a separate entity but and off spring of IDA that was formed in 1999 by IDA past presidents,” Dr. Gandhi said
This year’s scholarship recipients were named in order as: Emily Jue, Clear Springs High School, Bhavesh Sayel, Cypress Falls High School, Rem Aitbouchireb, Kerr High School, and Srivats Srinivasan, Hightower High School. One additional recipient Ronen Melloul, Carnegie Vanguard High School student received BLN scholarship by donor and IDA member Dr. Arvind Bhimaraj. The scholarships were presented by IDA Board Officers.
The IDA honored founder members Drs. Suresh and Sunita Moonat with 2017 IDA Physician’s Achievement Award for their undying commitment and service to IDA and IDCC.

Kevin Viner, magician mentalist performing his act.

Kevin Viner, magician mentalist performing his act.

COMM_IDA gala_Dr_BVVA sponsors

BBVA Compass representative Rick Ulloa presenting check to Dr. Manish Gandhi, IDA president

COMM_IDA gala_Amir ali dodi

Amir Ali Dodi, sponsor, New York Life representative

Keynote Speaker Dr. Lisa Ehrlich, President of the Harris County Medical Society commended IDA on what it has accomplished in its short history. By quoting Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist, who said, “One does not ask who suffer, what is your country and what is your religion. One merely says you suffer and that’s enough for me,” Dr. Ehrlich captured the purpose and essence of service. “We are all healer and this is what we are called to do.” she said. “In this kind of age of turmoil, in 2017, no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, is to go out and do what we do, which is to fix our system,” she said. Dr. Ehrlich also congratulated students that won IDA scholarship.

KC Mehta, Secretary of IDCC briefed on the clinic activities and needs. The IDCC serves 1300 patients per year. In addition it has opened an eye clinic now opened one Saturday a month. With growing demands it would need more than the support it receives from IDA. The clinic sees about 25-20 patience every Saturday and needs a budget about $50K -$ 60K to run the clinic he said.
The event was elegantly conducted by Dr. Manju Sachdev who served as the Mistress of Ceremony. The gala underwriters, BBVA Compass was represented by Rick Ulloa Business Segment Executive for South Texas and New York Life was represented by Amir Dodhiya. Both were recognized on the occasion. Theresa Hub did an excellent job of giving a glam décor to the event. DJ Dhol Deep provided great music throughout the gala. The highlight of the show was the Kevin Viner, magician mentalist who had the audience in awe with his tricks. The evening concluded with a great dinner catered by Bombay Brasserie.

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