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Indian Americans in Houston protest against Pakistan’s attack in Uri, Balochistan


The Indian American Community of Greater Houston and American Friends of Balochistan registered a strong protest outside the Islamic Republic of Pakistan consulate today. Protesters were outraged over the recent attack by terrorists on an army post in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir, where 18 soldiers were martyred. Pakistan’s human right violations, abduction and murdering of civilians, rape of women and children of Balochistan were highlighted by the protesters.

The protest came in the heels of Congressman Ted Poe’s bill in the US House of Representatives which called for designating Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, saying it was time America stopped funding the country for its “betrayal”.


Slogans were shouted against Pakistan – the epicenter of global terrorism, whose imprint has been found in myriad terrorist attacks around the world whether in Uri, London, New York, Paris or Madrid. A placard held by a soldier calling Pakistan as the Ivy League of Terrorism adequately captured the mood of the gathering. Slogan “Uri Martyrs Amar Rahe” (Long live Uri Martyrs) rent the air as participants voiced their displeasure at Pakistani complicity in the terrorist attack at Uri. Many protesters carried placards highlighting the oppression of minorities, women and children in Pakistan and urged the US govt to stop funding Pakistan.

Gajanan Gaikwad, who was instrumental in putting the protests together, minced no words in highlighting Pakistan’s role as the breeding and harboring ground of global terrorism by coining the slogan “Terroristan is the second name of Pakistan”.

The protesters thanked the Houston Police department for providing security. The event ended with the gathering singing the national anthems of USA and India.

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