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Houston’s artist, Kartik Trivedi holds “One Man Art Show’ at Lalit Kala Academy

Kartik Trivedi Photo credit: Leticia Alaniz

Kartik Trivedi Photo credit: Leticia Alaniz

Houston, Texas area Artist Kartik Trivedi recently visited Ahmedabad city (in India). Lalit Kala Academy, Gujarat State government owned fine arts organization invited Kartik to do “One Man Art Show “of his paintings.
The Academy gave Kartik a purskar of 25 thousand Indian Rupees as honorium. Gujarat State Minister for youth and culture honorable Shri Rajendra Trivedi did the opening of the Art show.
The Academy also nominated Kartik for state level award “Gujarat Gaurav” if considered qualified Kartik will receive one Lakh Rupees as award.
Meanwhile a proposal for an Art Museum of Kartik Trivedi’s painting has been presented to Gujarat State Government. such a Museum will take place on the river bank of Sabarmati River. About 150 Art works will be on display. Kartik’s family will donate his German grand piano which is 130 years old piano also Art books and Videos tapes and DVD’s on art will be donated whenever Kartik will be in Ahmedabad, he will teach Art course free to the Indian students.
This Art Museum will have a few panel paintings done on a museum walls. Subjects will be the life story of Lord Krishna, Swaminarayan Bhagvan shri, Shri Khodal Ma and nine special painting size 8 feet by 16 feet will be done on a various manifestations of Mother divine _Nava Ratri celebration. About 75 impressionist painting will go on display.
During his stay in Ahmedabad Kartik has produced a film in Gujarati language title “Asanjo Gurjar Desh” one hour and four minites long. Now this film can be seen on you tube.
Since he is back to Houston, TX, city Kartik is working on a big size painting of “Ras Leela” of Lord Krishna.

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