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Gano, Roberts named 2017 Teachers of the Year

Diana Gano and Amanda Roberts

Diana Gano and Amanda Roberts

Pearland ISD teachers Diana Gano and Amanda Roberts strive to make positive impacts in students’ lives when they walk into their classrooms each year.
Thanks to their dedication to students, Alexander Middle School’s Roberts and Dawson High School’s Gano are the Pearland ISD 2017 Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year.
Elementary Winner: Amanda Roberts – Roberts wanted to become a teacher after having great role models such as her parents and teachers, who valued education and supported her in her studies.
“Through their encouragement and mentoring, I gained confidence to follow my dreams,” she said. “I decided that I wanted to be that type of individual, the one who helps others reach their goals.”
To make sure her students learn the material, Roberts continuously evaluates student performance formally and informally, research new instructional strategies, collaborate with colleagues and participate in book studies and various educational workshops.
“All of these allow me to develop new learning experiences for my students,” she said.
Roberts holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Texas A&M University.
Secondary Winner: Diana Gano
Gano worked as a chemical engineer doing research and development for 10 years and decided to change careers to make a bigger impact on lives. She went back to school to get a degree in education with a focus in secondary science.
“I worked for a large international company and my day-to-day work rarely impacted the company’s bottom line and I wanted to do something ‘useful,’” she said. “Teaching had never been my plan, but it turns out that it was really meant to be because I love what I do and I’m never bored.
Being a teacher means she can help students get excited about science and encourage a generation to become doctors, engineers and researchers.
“I show them what’s possible and help them see how exciting and interesting science can be so that they can go out there and make new discoveries,” Gano said.
While Gano’s students learn every day in the classroom, she continues to learn herself. If lessons don’t work, she’ll find ways to change it. She reads journals and keeps up with several teacher websites to look for new labs, demos, lessons and ways to teach concepts.
“By keeping myself interested and excited about science, I hope to impart that to my students in the classroom,” she said.

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