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Fort Bend ISD adopts three legislative resolutions ahead of the TX 85th Special Session


SUGAR LAND – In the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustee’s continuing efforts to protect the future of Texas public education, the Board unanimously approved and adopted three legislative resolutions at the July 17, 2017 Regular Board Meeting.
These resolutions were adopted ahead of the July 18th Texas 85th Legislative First Called Session, which begins today and will address a number of issues that will affect FBISD and districts across the state.
The three resolutions as adopted by the FBISD Board of Trustees address:
– Constitutional Support of Public Schools
– Teacher Compensation
– School Finance Reform
“Our state leaders are claiming to support Texas teachers and students, but they are being disingenuous,” said FBISD Board of Trustees President Kristin Tassin.
“After a failed attempt to pass vouchers in the regular session and divert money away from public schools, our Lieutenant Governor is now proposing a pay raise for teachers in an effort to force his agenda. These pay raises are something that many districts, including FBISD, have already approved, despite the fact they we will have less money from the state. While all of us are for higher salaries for our teachers, without state money to pay for the mandate, this is nothing more than big government control of our local funds,” said Tassin.
These resolutions further help to reinforce FBISD’s Core Beliefs and Commitments, Mission, Vision, District Goals and Priorities, and the Profile of a Graduate, which have all been approved by the Board, and define all decision-making efforts in order to benefit each child in Fort Bend ISD.
“As a Board, we are doing our part to move the District forward and help students succeed. I am proud to work alongside my fellow trustees, who will not be intimidated by the strong-arm tactics demonstrated by those in Austin,” said Tassin.
The Texas 85th Legislative Regular Session ended in May, but Governor Greg Abbott called for a special 30-day session which begins July 18 to address some 20 issues such as the “bathroom bill,” school vouchers and school finance reform. In October, FBISD adopted five resolutions in advance of the regular session.
Fort Bend ISD will be following the developments of the special session and will be providing updates on the Legislative Priorities page on our website. The District also encourages parents to contact our congressional and state legislators to voice your opinions on this important battle to protect the students and teachers in Texas. (-FBISD)

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