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Club 65 celebrates New Year

Club 65 King and Queen 2018 – Mariam Ibrahim (Queen) and Taiyeb Moshin Shipchandler (King).

Club 65 King and Queen 2018 – Mariam Ibrahim (Queen) and Taiyeb Moshin Shipchandler (King).

by Paru McGuire
Whoever said that Seniors don’t have fun should have joined the Club 65 seniors on January 3, 2018 when they celebrated new year on a cold wintry evening. The temperatures were in the mid 20’s and yet close to 100 seniors crammed into the Savoy party hall decked in their colorful attires and broad smiles. The party mood was further enhanced when each member donned a special mask provided to them.

The energetic and effervescent Paru McGuire, President of Club 65 greeted the members and guests with a warm welcome. She then expressed her gratitude and felicitated with a box of chocolates, the Board – Chair Fateh Ali Chatur, Vice President Rahat Kalle, Joint VP Hatim Kanorwala, Secretary Albert Joseph, Treasurer Farida Bandali and core team of volunteers – Farida Jinnah, Rozina Jaferali, Shaheen Vora, Saeed and Bilkish Pathan – for their help in pulling off all the programs throughout the year.

Streamers, balloons, colorful garlands and other new year paraphernalia decorated the Savoy party hall giving it a festive look. A photo wall was also set up for members to take pictures with their friends and family to etch the memories of the evening forever in their photo albums.
The evening started with hot soup, vegetable spring rolls and pakoras accompanied by hot masala chai and soft drinks, followed with a sumptuous dinner and desert. Music was organized by club 65’s very own member, Jamil Chunawala and local artists including Bindu Malhotra, Taiyeb Mohsin Shipchandler affectionately known as kaka to Club 65 member as well as Salem Afroz and Safder Hasan. The audience was mesmerized by the melodies, some swaying, others lost in reverie while still others on the dance floor alone or with their spouses completely held captive in the moment.

The program held a few more surprises, with raffle tickets and prizes for six lucky winners, Face masks, noise makers and gift bags for all

Club 65 King and Queen 2018 – Mariam Ibrahim (Queen) and Taiyeb Moshin Shipchandler (King), were crowned (a very tough decision indeed) by the judges Mrs. Ashma Moosa and Mr. Saeed Pathan. Dr. Jaseem Pasha, a Club 65 member offered the toast accompanied by members welcoming 2018 with sparkling cider, noise makers and a crescendo from the music group. The evening ended at 10 pm with each member and guest receiving a gift bag, once again to commemorate the evening. What a grand way to start the new year!

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