Sharlene Sharmila Richards

Sharlene Sharmila Richards

by Sharlene Sharmila Richards, Immigration Lawyer
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Q: I am a US Citizen who resides overseas. Recently, I tried to renew my expired US Passport but was informed by the Embassy that they will need to see my Naturalization Certificate. I am not able to find it. How can I apply to replace my lost Naturalization Certificate? Do I have to provide my Biometrics and if yes, can I provide that at the Embassy?
A You will need to apply for a replacement of the Certificate of Naturalization using Form N-565. You can either file for the replacement online or by mail. Form N-565 can be found online at www.uscis.gov. The instructions for this Form specifically state that if you file the application with USCIS, you do not need to include a biometrics services fee at the time you submit the application. If you are later notified that you must submit biometrics, you will receive a biometrics services appointment notice with instructions on how to submit the additional biometrics services fee. If you file this application with an agency other than USCIS, you will need to check with the agency to determine if and when you must submit a biometric services fee. USCIS may require that you appear for an interview or provide fingerprints, photographs and or signature at any time to verify your identity. If this is required, and you are overseas, the notice will instruct you to contact a U.S Embassy or U.S Consulate, or USCIS Field Office outside the US to set up an appointment.
Q: What is the Filing Fee for Form N-565?
A: The Filing Fee is $555.00. This does not include the Biometrics fee. If Biometrics is required, you will be separately notified about the Biometrics services fee.
Q: My mother’s Naturalization Certificate has an incorrect date of birth because her Form N-400 Application for Naturalization had the incorrect date of birth. Can she apply on Form N-565 to request for the correction of her wrong date of birth?
A: No, she cannot. USCIS cannot make any changes to an incorrect date of birth on a Naturalization Certificate if a wrong date of birth was in fact indicated on the N-400 Application for Naturalization and the applicant swore to the facts of in that application that everything was true and correct at the time of the interview.
Q: I just received my child’s Certificate of Citizenship and it contains a typographical error in her name. My child’s N-600 application had her name correctly spelt. What can I do about this?
A: You can submit the Form N-565 to request for a replacement Certificate of Citizenship with the correct name. Select Item C in Item Number 2 of Part 2 of the application form. Do not forget to include the Certificate with the typographical error. There is no Filing Fee for this.
Q: The Passport Office sent my renewed US Passport back to me and they included my Naturalization Certificate. My son did not notice the document was in the envelope and he tore the envelope up and accidentally destroyed my Naturalization Certificate which was inside the envelope. What can I do about this?
A: Your Naturalization Certificate has been mutilated. You may apply for a replacement of the document using Form N-565 and select Item B in Item Number 2 of Part 2. The filing fee is $555.00. Do not forget to include the mutilated document with the application and two identical color passport style photos (2 x 2 inches).
Q: I recently got married and I want to adopt my husband’s last name. My Naturalization Certificate is in my maiden name. Can I apply for a replacement?
A: Yes. You can use Form N-565 for this purpose. Select Item C in Item Number 2 of Part 2. Do not forge tot include the evidence for your name change such as your Marriage Certificate and the appropriate Filing Fee of $555.00.
Q: My son’s Certificate of Citizenship states his gender as male. He changed his gender several years ago through court order. What documents does he need to provide to replace his Certificate of Citizenship to reflect his new gender?
A: He will need to provide the certified copy of the court order for the gender change, the original Certificate of Citizenship and complete Part 7 Government documentation by identifying the documents he will be submitting such as amended Birth certificate, or foreign, state, or local justification documentation recognizing the gender such as a passport or driver license or certification by a licensed physician or doctor of Osteopathy.
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