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Pakistan votes to bring tribal areas into political fold


Pakistan passed legislation Thursday paving the way for its restive tribal areas to enter the mainstream political fold, bringing an

Five killed on sixth day of India-Pakistan border clash

A mortar and gunfire battle between Indian and Pakistani forces along their Kashmir frontier killed five civilians Wednesday, taking the death

India launches WTO challenge over US steel, aluminium tariffs

India has opened a World Trade Organization challenge against the steel and aluminium tariffs imposed by the United States, a document

Nipah virus death toll in India jumps to 10

The death toll from an outbreak of the rare Nipah virus in southern India jumped to 10 Tuesday with more than

Heatwave in Pakistan kills 65 people and leaves dozens passing out in the street as temperatures rocket to 108 degrees Fahrenheit

Dozens of people are feared to have died in a heatwave grippingĀ Pakistan‘s largest city Karachi this

UN asks oil traders to shore up sanctions on North Korea

UN sanctions experts are asking global commodity trading firms and oil companies to spell out what measures they are taking to

India court orders disputed state government to face confidence vote

India’s Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party to hold a vote of confidence Saturday in a key state where

Pakistan-India border gunbattle leaves nine dead

Indian and Pakistani forces exchanged fire across the tense, heavily militarised Kashmir border Friday, leaving eight civilians and an Indian soldier

India captain Kohli says the beard stays


India cricket captain Virat Kohli insisted Thursday he will not be shaving off his famous beard any time soon.


Chief minister from Modi’s BJP sworn in after legal challenge fails


A leader from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party took the oath to become chief minister of a key southern Indian