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Renault to stay in Iran despite US sanctions: CEO

French carmaker Renault will maintain its presence in Iran while taking measures to avoid the risk of penalties for breaching renewed

Trump boasts North Korea stand-off ‘largely solved’

US President Donald Trump said Friday that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have “great chemistry” and claimed the

Former Trump campaign chief sent to jail after bail revoked

A US federal judge sent Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, to jail on Friday ahead of his trial

Actor Sylvester Stallone under probe for sexual assault


US prosecutors have launched a probe to determine whether film star Sylvester Stallone should be charged in connection with a

Trump, America’s oldest first-time president, turns 72


President Donald Trump turned 72 on Thursday, having returned to the fray of Washington politics after his grueling trip to

‘iPal’ robot companion for China’s lonely children


It speaks two languages, gives math lessons, tells jokes and interacts with children through the tablet screen in its chest

US man detained in Vietnam after violent protests


An American citizen is being held in Vietnam for “disrupting public order” after he joined violent protests over a controverial

Facebook news use declining, WhatsApp growing: study


News consumption is increasingly shifting from social media like Facebook to messaging applications like WhatsApp, according to a study published

NASA astronauts start spacewalk to install high-def cameras


Two US astronauts embarked on a spacewalk Thursday to install a pair of high-definition video cameras designed to help visiting

Pre-World Cup chaos motivates Iran – Queiroz


Cancelled friendlies, world-class opposition and even a shortage of boots will not dent Iran’s World Cup dreams, says coach Carlos