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Trump says North Korea problem ‘will be solved’

US President Donald Trump said Friday the “problem” of an increasingly belligerent North Korea would be “solved”, as he met with his Japanese

US prisoner executed in eighth date with death

Tommy Arthur was executed late Thursday after his eighth, and final, rendezvous with the US state of Alabama’s capital punishment system.

US first-quarter growth revised up sharply to 1.2%

The US economy grew much faster than originally reported in the first quarter due to sharp increases in business and consumer

California judge issues arrest warrant for yoga guru Bikram Choudhury


A California judge issued an arrest warrant for the yoga guru Bikram Choudhury after he failed to pay

Uninsured rise by 23 million under Republican health bill: forecast


The new Republican health care bill approved by the House of Representatives will leave 23 million more Americans

US to mark its first national Poppy Day


Long an international symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers, the brilliant red bloom of the poppy may soon

Obama ‘heartbroken’ by Manchester attack


Former United States President Barack Obama said at a Berlin reunion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday he

Conservatives flex Trump-era might on US campuses

US universities are often bastions of progressive Democrats, but Donald Trump’s election has spurred a growing number of conservative students to

Newark airport reopens after engine fire prompts plane evacuation

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has reopened after temporarily shutting down late Tuesday, following an engine fire that prompted

Trump wants Mideast peace ‘compromise’ but admits won’t be easy

US President Donald Trump called on Israelis and Palestinians to make compromises for peace Tuesday as he wrapped up a closely