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Qatar offers visa-free entry to 80 nationalities

Qatar, isolated by its neighbours in a diplomatic crisis, on Wednesday introduced a visa-free entry programme for 80 nationalities to stimulate

Up to 100 feared dead, thousands injured in China quake: govt

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake rattled southwest China late Tuesday, killing at least five people, with up to 100 feared dead, according to

Bahrain, UAE open flight corridors for Qatar Airways: ICAO

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to open up flight corridors for sanctions-hit Qatar’s state-owned flag carrier Qatar Airways,

US businesses defend Gulf airlines in subsidies dispute

A coalition of transportation and tourism businesses on Monday called on the US government to preserve aviation agreements with

US natural gas emerging as rival to Russia in Europe

The growth of shale gas extraction is positioning the United States to be a bigger natural gas exporter, potentially challenging Russia’s

Union battles to represent workers at Nissan US factory

Efforts to unionize workers at a Nissan factory in the Deep South will reach a climax Friday in a bitter contest

Surprisingly fleet-footed giant tortoise escapes Japan zoo… again


The escapee is female, weighs 55 kilogrammes (121 pounds) and has a “gentle” disposition — but a history

Giant panda gives birth to twins at record 23 years old


Zookeepers never expected the 23-year-old giant panda to give birth again when she was moved to a nature

Malawi hails ‘historic’ relocation of 520 elephants


Malawi on Thursday celebrated the successful conclusion of a two-year project moving 520 sedated elephants by truck to

The US Russia sanctions bill: What is in it?

The sanctions bill that President Donald Trump signed Wednesday caused a stir in Washington by underlining tensions between Congress and the