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UAE warns Qatar to accept demands or face ‘divorce’

The United Arab Emirates warned Qatar Friday that it faces “divorce” from its Gulf neighbours unless it takes their demands seriously,

Yemen cholera cases could pass 300,000 by September: UN

A cholera outbreak in war-ravaged Yemen could infect more than 300,000 people by the end of August, up from nearly 193,000

N. Korea calls Trump a ‘psychopath’


North Korea on Thursday called US President Donald Trump a “psychopath” as tensions soar following the death of

Five killed in car bomb at Mogadishu police station: official


Five people were killed and 10 were wounded Thursday when a car packed with explosives rammed into the

Qatar Airways seeks 10% stake in American Airlines


Qatar Airways has notified American Airlines it wants to buy about a 10 percent stake in the US

Saudi king ousts nephew, names son as heir

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ousted his nephew as crown prince on Wednesday and installed his son Mohammed bin Salman, capping a

Apple opens new round in battle with Qualcomm

Apple has expanded its legal battle against Qualcomm, accusing the US chip maker of charging for invalid patents in the latest

Yemen cholera death toll passes 1,100: WHO

Cholera has killed 1,170 people in war-ravaged Yemen and the number of suspected cases is now at nearly 2,000 a day,

Iran protests against Tillerson ‘transition’ remarks

Iran has called in the Swiss charge d’affaires, who looks after US interests, to protest against comments by Secretary of State

Joel Joffe, lawyer who defended Mandela, dies aged 85

Tributes were paid Tuesday to Joel Joffe, the lawyer who defended Nelson Mandela in the trial that saw the anti-apartheid icon